Who are the top 5 Youtubers of India in 2022?

Who are the top 5 free fire Youtubers of India in 2022?

Who are the top 5 free fire Youtubers of India in 2022?

Who are the top 5 Youtubers of India in 2022?

Who are the top 5 free fire Youtubers of India in 2022?

Garena Free Fire has a huge fan base and players all around the globe. Only a few of them are creating content and streaming videos of their gameplay in Battle Royal Game Free Fire on their individual YouTube Channels. 

Many YouTubers all around the world are popular for their excellent gaming skills, gunfights, tactical planning, and also for their entertaining commentary with various tips and tricks. Out of that vast majority of YouTubers, only a few were capable of becoming cult figures in the Free Fire community. In this article, we are writing about the top 5 YouTubers of India who made their fan base as well as enhanced the size of Free Fire fans and players. 

Highest Subscribed Free Fire YouTubers in 2022

The discussion here is about 5 YouTubers of India based on their monthly income, subscriber count, views, and ranks.

1) Total Gaming

Total Gaming aka Ajjubhai is the biggest name in the country when it comes to Free Fire content and astonishing gaming skills. Ajjubhai started his journey on YouTube in October 2018 and at present, he has uploaded 1717 videos on his channel Total Gaming. By providing magical tips and tricks in his videos, he has accumulated a whopping subscriber base of 30.7 million. 

He is ranked 27th as a YouTuber in the country and 5th in the games category. Total Gaming has so far got above 5.38 billion views on his videos and streams. His monthly and yearly earnings are expected to be $27.1k – $434.1k and $325.6k – $5.2M respectively.

Total Gaming, his YouTube Channel, is the most subscribed youtube channel in the country among the Free Fire community. Apart from that, he also owns a Free Fire professional roster.

2) A_S Gaming

Sahil Rana is a popular YouTuber also known by his YouTube channel name A_S Gaming. He is focused on creating content on Free Fire on his YouTube Channel which boasts 15.6 million subscribers and more than 2.07 billion views. 

A_S Gaming currently placed 66th in the country and 34th in the “Games” category on YouTube with 726 videos uploaded on his channel. His superb gameplay stream and vlogs with his brother combined, gave him a handsome earning. He earns around $15.7k – $251.4K monthly and $188.5k – $3M yearly which listed him in top Free Fire YouTubers.

3) Lokesh Gamer

Lokesh Raj aka Lokesh Gamer started streaming videos of Free Fire games in November 2017. In 4 years, he has made himself a cult figure in the Free Fire community and a well-known YouTuber. Lokesh Raj has 1026 videos related to Free Fire which include gameplay, tips & tricks, live stream, and more, on his YouTube Channel. 

Lokesh Raj ranked 75th in the country and 43rd in the games category on YouTube. In the meantime, he has garnered 14 million subscribers and 1.33 billion views on his channel. His monthly and yearly income from YouTube is approximately estimated at around $8.3k-$132.5k and $99.3k-$1.6M respectively.

4) Gyan Gaming

Gyan Gaming has accumulated 13.4 million subscribers in 4 years which is a remarkable achievement itself. Gyan Gaming’s real-life name is Sujan Mistri and he is one of the most popular YouTubers in India. He has so far uploaded 2286 videos on his YouTube Channel, Gyam Gaming. 

His videos amassed 1.90 billion views approximately which has appeared in his ranks as he is placed in 80th position in the country and 47th spot in the Games category on YouTube. Sujan’s monthly and annual income is believed to be between $11k – $176.6k and $132.4k – $2.1M respectively.

5) Desi Gamers

Desi Gamers is widely popular in India for his amazing gaming skills, in-game challenges, and exciting live streams of Free Fire games. The YouTuber’s real name is Amit Sharma also known as Amitbhai. He is ranked 89th in the country and 54th in the ‘Games’ category on YouTube.

Amit Sharma is running a YouTube Channel named Desi Gamers and he has uploaded around 1107 videos on this channel. He has gathered 1.75 billion views till now with a fantastic subscriber base of 12.4 million. He earns between $6.6k – $106.3k monthly and $79.7k – $1.3M yearly.

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