Jackson Mahomes’ Awkward Video Trying To Touch Taylor Swift

Jackson Mahomes’ Awkward Video Trying To Touch Taylor Swift

Jackson Mahomes, brother of one of the most famous NFL players and Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is making waves in the sports world with his latest video that has recently surfaced on the internet in which he’s trying to touch the famous celebrity and singer Taylor Swift.  

There are many rumors regarding Swift and Travis Kelce being into a relationship and Patrick’s wife and the ‘First Lady’ of the NFL is also getting an image boost due to her new friendship with Swift. But it seems this isn’t true for everyone. 

This week, Jackson went viral for awkwardly trying to touch Swift at a Kansas City Chiefs game. The video of the cringe-worthy encounter speaks for itself:

Many fans who have seen the video are giving their reaction to it. 

It’s interesting to note that Jackson’s reputation is so bad that not even Swift can make him look good. On the other hand, Brittany has become a big star with Swift’s friendship. There was a viral video where they seemed really close, and it was a huge hit.

But Jackson doesn’t get the same positive attention. Fans don’t want him to be connected with their favorite pop star.

We’ll have to wait and see if Swift can eventually improve Jackson’s image as well.


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