GARENA FREE FIRE: Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID, Stats, and more (2022)

GARENA FREE FIRE: Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID, Stats, and more (2022)

GARENA FREE FIRE: Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID, Stats, and more (2022)

GARENA FREE FIRE: Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID, Stats, and more (2022)

Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID, Stats, and more (2022).

The strong Free Fire contender and content maker, popularly known as Gyan Gaming, have become way too popular. He is a strong, skillful player and comes from India. 

His YouTube Channel has witnessed Content over Clash Of Clans also. Now he only creates content over Free Fire gameplay and skills. He is also known as Sujan Mistri or Gyan Sujan.

The YouTuber has a high subscriber base of  13.3 million along with  1.88 billion views and has been placed in the Platinum IV tier in BR-Ranked and the Gold I tier in CS-Ranked.

In the last month, only he has gained around 200 thousand subscribers and 46.948 million views.

Gyan Gaming’s Free Fire ID, Stats, and more:

The Free Fire ID of Gyan Gaming is 70393167. Being the leader of the GyanGamingGG guild, he plays with an ID number 61721403. 

His all-time stats and this season’s stats (in 2022) are:

Gyan Gaming’ Lifetime Stats:

Talking about Gyan Gaming’s stats, he has a massive gameplay experience of 19138 squad games out of which 6832  is his first-place finish with a certain win percentage of 35.69%. He has an amazing K/D ratio of 5.59 and has got 68787 kills till now. 

Apart from this, he has also played 2235 duo missions out of which he has won 510 matches with a win percentage of 22.81%. He has a K/D ratio of 3.54 along with 6107 frags. 

He has won against his enemies in 159 solo matches out of 1441, making a winning percentage of 11.03%. He has a K/D ratio of 1.84 with 2363 total kills. 

Gyan Gaming’s Ranked Stats:

He has not appeared in any of the ranked matches of the current season. 

Gyan Gaming’s Clash Squad Stats:

The YouTuber has appeared in 1170 of the squad matches with 592 wins claimed to his name with a win percentage of 50.60% and has killed 5962 of his enemies with a K/D ratio of 1.27.

Gyan Gaming’s Income, YouTube Channel, and more:

According to Social Blade’s stats, his monthly income is around $11.7K and $187.8K per month. While Insta Gamer’s annual income lies within $140.8K – $2.3 million from his Youtube Channel.

Gyan Gaming’s YouTube Channel and best videos:

Working and releasing content frequently has gained a lot of subscribers to Insta Gamer and he is earning a lot from it. His first video dates back to January 2018. He has as many as 2280 videos on his YouTube Channel.

The top 3 videos of Gyan are:

  1. 8 Years Boy Challenge Raistar | 1 Tap Shot Clash Squad 1 vs 1 | Garena Free Fire– 25 million views.
  1. A little help with a little smile gives meaning to human life– 21 million views.
  1. Patil Vs Raistar 9 Years Boy | 1 TAP CHALLENGE | Garena Free Fire– 13 million views.

NOTE: It is to be noted that the stats and records have been written at the time of creating the article.

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