Mina Kimes from ESPN Dressed Up As Character From ‘Jury Duty’

Mina Kimes from ESPN Dressed Up As Character From ‘Jury Duty’

It’s Halloween, and ESPN TV hosts, including Mina Kimes, are getting into the spirit by dressing up.

Kimes chose a unique costume. She’s imitating Todd from Jury Duty, a funny show on Amazon Prime where the main character, Ronald, believes he’s called for jury duty for real. Little does he know, everyone else in the courtroom is an actor.

In the show, Todd wears “chants” or chair-pants to court one day. That’s the look Kimes is recreating for her Halloween costume.

“Your honor…they’re sort of in-between standing and sitting,” she tweeted alongside a picture of herself dressed in her costume.

You have to agree, that outfit is really creative and looks just like the real thing.

Mina Kimes has been quite busy this fall. Right now, she’s on maternity leave and won’t be able to show off her costume on TV today.

A little while ago, the experienced NFL expert shared the news of her son’s birth on social media. He’s the first child for Kimes and her husband.

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