Who is the king of Free Fire Game in the world?

Free Fire was started by Forest LI.  Fire fire is a online game that was based in Singapore. It is one of the most followed games in the world. Many great players have emerged from playing the Free Fire. They have managed to garner many subscribers on Youtube just by playing this game. 

Today in the article, We will talk about who is the king of the Free Fire. When it comes to identifying the king of the Free Fire. We have to look at how much following that particular free fire player commands on the internet. Based on that, He can be called as the king of the Free Fire. 

We went through the list of many free fire players.  We looked at tons of the factors to identify the best free fire players. After much deliberation, we finally became eligible to disclose to you as to who is fit to be called the king of the free fire. 

We looked at many free fire players on youtube. The channel that struck as indisputable in its popularity. It was “total gaming” run by Ajju bhai. Total Gaming is the free fire youtube channel that plays the free fire live on youtube. During his play, He educates the viewers about the free fire. He reveals to them about the tips and tricks of the game. 

He has managed to garner millions of subscribers on youtube. It is not surprising to say that he is the most followed youtuber in the world today. His channel “total gaming” is the go-to channel for free fire players. Today we will talk in detail about his channel and how you can also learn a lot about the free fire by following his channel Total Gaming. 

Ajju Bhai’s channel Total Gaming

He currently has a humongous subscriber count of 30.7 million with 5.3 billion views combined.

Ajjubhai has enhanced his gaming zone by joining other games like GTA 5, Minecraft, etc., and boasts over 3 million followers on his Instagram handle, showcasing his popularity.

Ajju bhai’s youtube channel commands a subscriber count of 30.7 million with 5.3 billion. This subscriber count is quite unbelievable. It is also a testimony to his popularity on the youtube. It would be unfair to him if he is not called “ the king of the Free fire”. 

Ajjubhai has enhanced his gaming zone by joining other games like GTA 5, Minecraft, etc., and boasts over 3 million followers on his Instagram handle, showcasing his popularity.

Ajjubhai’s Free Fire ID

Ajjubhai’s Free Fire UID number is 451012596. Here are his stats as of today, 15 January 2022. 

Lifetime stats

Who is the king of Free Fire Game in the world?

Ajjubhai has 12828 squad games to his name in Free Fire and has clinched 3058 of them, corresponding to a win rate of 23.83%. He has notched 49768 kills at a kill-to-death rate of 5.09.

The YouTuber has come out on top on 357 occasions in the 1827 duo games, equating to a win rate ratio of 19.54%. In these matches, he has 7286 frags with a K/D ratio of 4.96.

Total Gaming has also secured 93 victories in the 1021 solo matches, retaining a win percentage of 9.10%. With 2595 eliminations, he has ensured a K/D ratio of 2.80.

Ranked stats

The Youtuber has participated in 20 Squad games in the current ranked season and claimed victory in a single match with a percentage ratio of 5%. He has grabbed 67 kills with a K/D ratio of 3.53.

Ajjubhai has played two duo games and won one which indicates a 50% win ratio. He has acquired 9 frags with a K/D of 9.

Total Gaming has also participated in 2 Solo games and has yet to score a win. He has a K/D ratio of 1.50 with 3 kills.

Note: Ajjubhai’s Free Fire stats were recorded at the time of writing, and they are subject to change.

Ajjubhai’s Income

Ajjubhai’s estimated monthly income from his YouTube channel is $26.5K to $424.4K. And his estimated yearly income is $318.3K to $5.1M. (Source: Social Blade)

Aajju Bhai’s youtube channel 

As mentioned earlier, he runs the Total Gaming channel. Over the last 30 days, Ajjubhai has gained 500 thousand subscribers with 106.109 million views, which is simply unheard of.

He also runs multiple channels, including Ajjubhai Gaming(6.12 Million Subscribers), AJJU BHAI(597k Subscribers), and TG Highlights(1 Million Subscribers).

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