Rey Mysterio’s Response to Logan Paul’s U.S. Championship Challenge

Rey Mysterio’s Response to Logan Paul’s U.S. Championship Challenge

Logan Paul, known for his online stunts, has now set his sights on wrestling and challenged WWE star Rey Mysterio after winning a recent match against Dillon Danis. In response to Paul’s callout, Rey Mysterio, who currently holds the U.S. Championship, shared his thoughts.

Paul said, “Rey Mysterio, I already beat you once, brother, and I’m coming for that U.S. Championship. Let’s go!” 

Rey Mysterio’s reaction was straightforward.

“I’m looking to shut him up in a way,” Mysterio told TMZ this week in an interview. “He said he has his eyesight on something and someone, it’s me and the U.S. title. So let’s go! I’ve only been doing this for 34 years. I don’t think he was even born before that happened.”

Rey Mysterio hinted that their clash might take place on WWE’s SmackDown! this Friday but was uncertain about the exact date. He did, however, acknowledge Paul’s wrestling skills.

Mysterio continued, “I’m hoping to see (Paul) there this Friday. I don’t know if it’ll go down right then and there, but we will plan a date. I have seen his growth inside the ring and he picks up very fast. He’s good. I’m not gonna lie. But I don’t think he’s better than Rey Mysterio.”

Looking ahead, WWE has an upcoming event in Saudi Arabia called Crown Jewel in November, and there’s speculation about a possible title match between Logan Paul and Rey Mysterio.


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