Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Take on ‘Extreme Views’ in the Digital Age

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Take on ‘Extreme Views’ in the Digital Age

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Take on ‘Extreme Views’ in the Digital Age

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has shared his concerns about the current state of affairs, particularly regarding the Israel-Gaza crisis and the upcoming U.S. presidential election. He’s speaking out against what he calls the “extreme voices” on both sides of the political spectrum.

In a recent message, Schwarzenegger emphasized that these “extreme voices” are a minority in real life, even though they may seem more prominent on social media. He believes that social media encourages and rewards behavior that isn’t so great in face-to-face interactions.

Schwarzenegger’s key message is simple: “Remember this: the crazies on the far right and left are the minority in the real world. They dominate social media because it is anti-social & rewards behavior that would leave you with no friends in reality. But they are hard to find if you lift your eyes up from your phone.”

Schwarzenegger found that many people on X agreed with him:

One user said, “Thank you Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s true. Too much Social media can addict people , It creates a false negative view of people,causes depression, I was not being productive, . Your advice snapped me out of it.” 

Another suggested, “Exactly X should think carefully about how to incentivize and make viral more middle-ground commentary. Less reaction incitement, more nuance.”

A third user wrote, “Well put, easy to lose perspective in the social media world.”


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