Dillon Danis is Being Trolled By Fans After Logan Paul Loss

Dillon Danis is Being Trolled By Fans After Logan Paul Loss

Fans are really upset with Dillon Danis this week. He had a fight with Logan Paul on Saturday and it didn’t go well for him. The two had been talking trash for weeks, but in the end, Danis lost in a really embarrassing way.

During the fight, Paul was hitting Danis with a lot of punches, and Danis seemed frustrated. In the sixth round, Danis tried to tackle Paul, but it didn’t work, and he got penalized. He tried again, but Paul fought back and security had to step in, ending the fight.

Everyone on social media is criticizing Danis a lot for how he performed. This loss is something he won’t forget easily.

“Nah Dillon Danis is a rat. What a loser for that entire showing. Embarrassing,” another tweet read.

As for Paul, he’s looking forward to his next fight with Rey Mysterio for the U.S. Championship.


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