1 Team Joel Embiid is Interested In If He Leaves 76ers

1 Team Joel Embiid is Interested In If He Leaves 76ers

1 Team Joel Embiid is Interested In If He Leaves 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers are dealing with a lot of issues lately. With James Harden’s future in the air at the 76ers and the team not taking any action, it would make sense if their top player wanted to leave. 

Following this Joel Embiid has also just reached the Eastern Conference Finals and won the latest MVP Award. He could join any team he likes, but there are rumors that he prefers the New York Knicks. 

It’s surprising news, the league’s best player might consider Madison Square Garden his new home. However, these are just rumors. Still, Embiid thinking about leaving suggests the 76ers are in a tough situation right now.

Joel Embiid’s ‘scuttlebutt’ about the New York Knicks

On a recent Fox Sports show, NBA expert Chris Broussard mentioned some rumors about Joel Embiid’s future. Broussard heard from NBA insiders that Embiid might be thinking about playing for the New York Knicks. However, he didn’t say it outright. 

If this trade were to happen, the Knicks would have to make the first move. But it’s highly unlikely the Sixers’ leaders would let their best player go, especially with all the issues around James Harden.

This rumor comes at a bad time as the Sixers are gearing up for a new season, and anything could happen in the next few weeks. There are reports that other teams are interested in Embiid, but he seems to like New York City. 

Well, whatever happens, we’ll know, especially as Embiid figures out what the Sixers are thinking this season about new players. 

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