USC QB Caleb Williams Don’t Want To Be Part Of EA Sports

USC QB Caleb Williams Don’t Want To Be Part Of EA Sports

USC QB Caleb Williams Don’t Want To Be Part Of EA Sports

USC Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams is excited about EA Sports reviving the College Football Games. But Caleb refused to be a part of the EA Game NIL deal.

In a recent interview with Ross Dellenger, of Yahoo Sports, USC star Caleb opened up about his likeness for the EA video games. 21-year-old, Caleb recalled playing as the Oregon Ducks as a child during the game’s last edition a decade ago. Williams called it “a dream of mine to play the game again.”

Despite his love for the EA college football video game, Willliam addressed the issue with EA Sports’ reported compensation plan to pay each player featured a $500 flat rate. According to Williams EA Sports must adjust to the NIL landscape.

Williams said, “I’d love to have the game back, but it’s the new day and age and everybody knows what the new day and age in college is. It’s like if you go to school and you are a straight-A student and there’s another kid whose strong suit isn’t school and he gets B’s or B-minuses. How fair would it be if you get the same grade as him? That never works in school and it doesn’t make sense. That’s how I look at that game with the situation with the $500.”

According To On3, Williams is the second-highest NIL valuation behind Arch Manning in college football. Williams said,

“It depends on your situation and who you are and what you have actually earned. I’m not talking about money earned… I’m talking about all the hard work you’ve put in.”

Reportedly College Football Players Association wants athletes to boycott EA Sports until they reconsider the payment and raise to the player’s standards. Vice president Justin Falcinelli, a former Clemson center, accused the company of “exploiting the players” with a “bad deal.”

The Nil Branding is also suing the EA Sports company for exploiting the player’s rights.

There are many players who are about to lose interest in the EA $500 deal, but losing Heisman Trophy player Caleb will cost the company.

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