Logan Paul Promises Denis To Give ‘Worst Night Of His Life’ After Fiancee Agdal Trolling

Logan Paul Promises Denis To Give ‘Worst Night Of His Life’ After Fiancee Agdal Trolling

Logan Paul promised Dillon to get ready to witness the “worst night of his life”. Paul threatened Danis for insulting his fiancee Nina Agdal.

The fight, people have been waiting for months between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, is about to happen in just a few more days.

Youtuber/wrestler Logan Paul and MMA fighter Dillon Danis are ready to face each other in the ring on this 14th October.

Before their actual box in the ring, they two have been busy shredding each other repo on Social media. Especially, Dillon, who even brought out Logan’s fiancee/model Nina Agdal.

Via talking to the TMZ reporter, Logan Paul said,

“I can’t imagine after all the talk he’s done on X, after all the s*** he said, what it’s going to be like to be trapped in a ring with me — he has made a grave error. And assuming he shows up, October 14 will be the worst night of his life.”

Danis crossed all the limits on the Internet and tweeted about Agdal’s past relationship. He did former Sports Illustrated so ugly that some of the celebrities involved in the matter including Corinna Kopf.

In the end, Nina had to file a restraining order and lawsuit against the UFC fighter.

Paul also talked about how quickly D.D. (Dillon Danis) changed when lawyers were involved, Paul called Danis a crybaby and said,

“He’s a crybaby, legitimately,” Paul said. “I’m not just saying this to be like a mean fight companion trying to rile him up. He’s a coward. He’s made this fight entirely about a woman — he chose to pick a fight with a woman. She fought back. He’s whining about it. He’s upset. He’s making excuses left, right and center.”

Logan Paul also believes that Danis will never actually plan to fight with him. It was all an act to attract the media’s attention and get famous.

However, Paul determined his decision to take Danis down for once and all.

Soon we’ll see these two in the ring wrestling with each other.

Who do you think will have the worst night of their life, Paul or Danis?

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