Corinna Kopf Jumps Into Logan Paul, Dillon Danis Fight

Corinna Kopf Jumps Into Logan Paul, Dillon Danis Fight

Another YouTuber and social media influencer Corinna Kopf Jumps into Logan Paul, Dillon Danis X Twitter fight.

MMA fighter Dhillon Danis, and actor/Professional wrestler Logan Paul are going to face their press conference on Tuesday, 22 August at London’s OVO Arena Wembley.

Before their actual fight, the two have been busy, battling with each other on X Twitter, saying a lot of things. Especially Dhillon Danis, who crossed his limits and started to comment on Logan Paul’s Fiance and former Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal.

Among so many people YouTube Celebrity and content creator Corinna Kopf is vexed with Danis’ intolerable behaviour. Kopf took the matter to her X Twitter and wrote,

“i can’t be the only one who thinks Dillon Danis is corny as f–k for harassing the f–k out of a woman for absolutely no reason. talk s–t to the person you’re fighting, not his fiancé.” 

She also warned him to stop DM’s to her and her friends as well.

“also someone tell him to stop sending and unsending messages to me and my friends, you look soo desperate my guy.”

On Kopf’s tweets, Danis simply replied with a line post on his X Twitter.

He wrote, “I ain’t reading all that, good for you tho or sorry that happened.”

Danis vs Paul match is scheduled for 14th October.

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