Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc Disqualified from the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc Disqualified from the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin

The famous British racer Lewis Hamilton had a tough break at the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas on a Sunday. His disqualification left fans and experts surprised.

The disqualification happened after a detailed check by the FIA Technical team after the race. Formula 1, the people who run the show, confirmed the disqualification. This wasn’t just about Hamilton; Charles Leclerc also got the same news.

In their announcement, Formula 1 explained, “Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc have both been disqualified from the United States Grand Prix. Following the race in Austin, their cars were inspected post-race and irregularities were spotted by the FIA Technical team after a plank wear inspection was carried out.”

The Delegate’s Report, which is like an official report card, said, “The skids located in the area -825 ≥ XR ≥ – 1025 are found to be not in compliance with Article 3.5.9 e) of the 2023 Formula One Technical Regulations.”

So, both of them had to go talk to the race stewards about it.

This was really disappointing for Hamilton because he did an excellent job and finished second in the race. On the other hand, Charles Leclerc ended up in the sixth position.

The disqualification had a ripple effect on the final results. Lando Norris moved up to second place, and Carlos Sainz was also celebrating on the podium. Sergio Perez’s fourth-place finish gave him an even bigger lead over Hamilton in the fight for second place in the drivers’ championship.

The rankings got shaken up further as George Russell jumped from seventh to fifth, Pierre Gasly secured sixth place, and Lance Stroll ended up in seventh. Yuki Tsunoda had a good day, grabbing eighth place and also the bonus point for the fastest lap, making it a memorable day for AlphaTauri.

The disqualification of Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc will change how the rest of the Formula 1 season plays out. Fans will be keeping a close eye on the action as the championship race heats up.


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