How to Get Cheap Diamonds? Know About the Benefits, and more in Free Fire Max?

How to Get Cheap Diamonds? Know About the Benefits, and more in Free Fire Max?

The in-game currency Diamonds are valuable in Free Fire MAX, especially for players who try to get elite cosmetics and different things. However, ordinary top-ups end up being very expensive for players, inviting them to chase after less-evaluated choices.

The Membership framework is one of the techniques they can work with It conveys a significantly higher deal on Diamonds while likewise giving different advantages, making it an astounding arrangement for such gamers.

Everything to Know About the Memberships in Free Fire Max:

Though the gamers have been provided with 2 variants of membership: weekly and Monthly, they have to buy it with INR 159 and INR 799 resp. On the other hand, if they go with both the variants they have to spend a total of INR 958 which makes it a Super VIP Membership including all the benefits, privileges to enjoy.

They will also get a bonus of 450 Diamonds on taking VIP membership. Following are the benefits of each variant of membership:

  • Benefits of weekly membership:
  1. 450 diamonds (100 instantly, 350 accumulative, i.e., 50 diamonds per day)
  2. Weekly Member Icon
  3. Discount store privilege
  4. 8x Universal EP Badge
  5. Second Chance
  • Benefits of monthly membership:
  1. 2600 diamonds (500 instantly, 2100 accumulative, i.e., 70 diamonds per day)
  2. Monthly Member Icon
  3. Discount store privilege
  4. 55x Second Chance
  5. 60x Universal EP Badge
  6. Weapon Skin Gift Box (30-day trial gun skin)
  • Additional benefits for purchasing both (Super VIP):
  1. 450 diamonds (15 diamonds per day)
  2. Super VIP Icon
  3. Discount store privilege
  4. 30x Evo Gun Token Gift Box.

How to Get the Membership?

STEP 1: The gamers are required to open the game on their device and click on the ‘Membership’ icon.

STEP 2: Gamers are required to click on the icon placed downside of the membership and get done with the transaction of the chosen.

STEP 3: Lastly, they just have to collect the Diamonds from the check-in section every day.

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