Here’s what Bernie Kosar was Doing With Taylor Swift

Here’s what Bernie Kosar was Doing With Taylor Swift

Bernie Kosar, former American football quarterback is trending on social media these days and his latest photos with one of the most famous American singers, Taylor Swift in Kansas City on Sunday afternoon are causing a huge stir among all the fans. 

Kosar was in Kansas City to attend Travis Kelce’s charity event. Kelce, who is also from Ohio like Kosar, hosted a family gathering before the Chiefs vs. Chargers game on Sunday afternoon.

Kosar made sure to mention that he was the one who approached Taylor Swift and asked for the photo.

“I think my concussion issues would really be elevated if I said she was begging for a picture with the old man.” 

Kosar went on to watch the Chiefs take down the Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Kelce, meanwhile, had the best game of his season, catching 12 passes for 179 yards and a touchdown.


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