Deion Sanders Has Great Respect For Nick Saban, Admits Learns A Lot From Alabama Coach

Deion Sanders Has Great Respect For Nick Saban, Admits Learns A Lot From Alabama Coach

Deion Sanders Shows ha great respect for Alabama Coach Nick Saban. Deion also revealed that when it comes to College Football coaching, he learned a lot from the coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Six-time National Champion Nick Saban is one of the top coaches in college football history. Saban and Sanders both have filmed so many commercials over the years.

In a recent interview with Thursday Night football reporter Taylor Rooks, Sanders said some great things about Saban. And revealed what are the things that he learned from the Saban.

Sanders told Rooks,

“Identifying personnel, Coaching-wise, understanding the different, not leagues but the different conferences. Understanding all that language and how this stuff works and why this school is going to that conference or that school is going to that conference, and always being prepared for what’s next.”

Sanders admits that many times Nick gave him advice even on the set.

“So, just little things that he may whisper in between takes when we’re shooting an Aflac commercial. They’re sacred to me because he is him, and I respect the heck out of him.”

It seems Nick Saban has some pretty good pieces of advice to give, just look at Deion Sanders. Today Colorado is moving ahead into Week 4 with 3-0.

In the next game, Deion Sanders and his team Buffaloes will face Oregon. This time it will be different for Colorado as they don’t have their star wide receiver, Travis Hunter due to the injury suffered against Colorado State on Saturday’s match.

Will Colorado keep up with this change?

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