BGMI Diamond Exchange Event: Get The Spider-Man Outfit in BGMI

BGMI Diamond Exchange Event: Get The Spider-Man Outfit in BGMI

BGMI has been operating on the Spider-Man theme, it has found the first collaboration with the Franchise as Spider-Man is the first superhero to make an entry in the game on the launch of the super hit movie – ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The game has seen massive success since the incorporation of the superhero in the latest updated version 1.8. The developers have released a themed mode and other various themed events along with providing the players with several items, offers, and more. 

The Red Diamond Exchange Event:

The event was added to the game on 4th February due to the huge success of the Spider-Man mode in the Erangel and Livik. The player sare required to collect the Red Diamonds through the Daily Missions, purchasing them or exchanging them to get the rewards. 

The event will be there till 27th February 2022 and there will be the addition of many more rewards till the date. The list of rewards is as follows:

  1. Ray’s No Home Set: now the players are required to know that the reward is the rarest among all the other rewards that will necessarily need 600 Red diamonds to get exchanged.
  1. Permanent Plane Finish: the players can get the rewards by collecting and exchanging 300 Red Diamonds. They are also necessarily required to get the permanent No Way Home Play Finish. 
  1. Spider-Man Outfit: The players are required to collect a total of 80 Red Diamonds and get them exchanged in order to get the spider-man outfit.

How To Collect the Red Diamonds in BGMI?

The players who haven’t gotten a chance to get the diamonds from the sub-events like the “Revive and Love” and the “Thrive and Survive” can wait for the next set of events that are coming soon. In which they have to get done with the daily tasks to collect the Red Diamonds that can be utilized in the “Red Diamond Exchange Event”.

Also, the players who need them just now can collect the Red Diamonds from the in-game store by spending 20 UC. 

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