How to get the 5 best items with BGMI UC in February 2022?

How to get the 5 best items with BGMI UC in February 2022?

How to get the 5 best items with BGMI UC in February 2022?

How to get the 5 best items with BGMI UC in February 2022?

How to get the 5 best items with BGMI UC in February 2022?

Battlegrounds Mobile India, the revised version of PUBG Mobile for India, emerged again on top with a regular increase in users. Like other Battle Royale games, BGMI also has its in-game currency, the BGMI UC, to purchase exclusive items, cosmetics, Elite passes, etc from the in-game shopping center. BGMI UC, Unknown Cash, is mostly used by players who want to spend real money to invest in their profile and make it unique. 

The five best items that  BGMI players can get by spending an appropriate amount of UC this month are discussed below in the article.

List of 5 best items to get with BGMI UC in February 2022

1) Jonathan’s voice pack

BGMI has many mythic voice packs in the game. To apply those mythic voice packs, players need to purchase them first. The mythic voice-packs in Lucky Crate cost lots of UCs. While in the previous month, with the 1.8 updates of BGMI, Krafton introduced voice packs with popular Player’ voices. One of the voice packs is Jonathan’s Voice Pack which is available in February 2022 only in 250 UC.

2) Royale Pass

Players can purchase Cycle 2 Season 4 Month 7 Royale Pass in two available versions. The first one is Elite Pass which is the smaller one in terms of rewards and also UCs. The Elite Pass will cost players 360 UC. While the second version, the Elite Pass Plus, will cost 960 UC. Players will get exclusive rewards with each version of Royale Pass. If they want to buy the Royale Pass in mid of the Season then they can spend their UC or they can wait for the next Royale Pass which will be available on 17 February 2022.

3) Materials

Materials are rare items used to upgrade guns in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players of BGMI are always keen to attach new features, skins, and other accessories to the guns. But materials cost them a massive amount of UCs. To avail of the materials, players can visit the in-game Lucky Crate and can open the crates on a specific number of UC.

4) PMGC Prestige Scar-L

Krafton has introduced mythic gun skins to the game for players to obtain on the occasion of the PMGC 2021 Grand Finals. One of the Mythic Guns contains a unique ‘on-hit’ effect, which became too popular among BGMI Players, is PMGC Prestige Scar-L. But the particular gun skin comes at a price.

The Player who wants to spend some UC can get this exclusive item in February 2022.

5) Neon Wave outfits and gun skins

BGMI has recently released an event, “Trendy Power Lucky Spin”. The event features ample fascinating items that players want to acquire. Players who want to lose their pockets for UC can rack up their collection with the Neon Wave AKM, Rising Star Set, Neon Wave Set, and Project Idol Set.

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