Wild Provocative Kitchen Video Of Ex-UFC Star Pearl Gonzalez’s Causing A Stir

Wild Provocative Kitchen Video Of Ex-UFC Star Pearl Gonzalez’s Causing A Stir

Ex-UFC Star Pearl Gonzalez is again going viral on social media and her wild Provocative Kitchen Video that has recently emerged on social media has been causing a huge stir on the Internet. 

Pearl Gonzalez is one of the best when it comes to mixed martial arts and she is a star in the sports world. Gonzalez has been a consistent fighter in the MMA world since 2009. But the time she truly stood out was in 2017 when Dana White, a big name in MMA, invited her to be in two UFC matches.

In April that year, she fought against Cynthia Calvillo, a rising star fighter named. Even though she was defeated by Cynthia using a special move. After that, Gonzalez fought against Poliana Botelho, and even after the intense fight, she lost because the judges agreed that Poliana had performed better.

Then Gonzalez joined another MMA and Bare Knuckle Boxing competition. But something else she did allow her to get a huge fan following on social media. 

Now with her popularity, whenever she posts something on social media it instantly goes viral and this time is no different. Her recent video is getting a lot of likes and comments from all over the sports world. 

Take a look here.

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that Gonzalez has blown up online. Between her racy airport outfit, wild boat party video, and provocative hospital photos, it has been one thing after another for her. And then there are other videos that were in the trends a few days ago. 

 lot of MMA fighters hope to establish the sort of brands that can continue to get them paid when they stop fighting. Gonzalez has done that more successfully than a lot of UFC fighters.

Let’s wait and see when will Gonzalez go viral next time. 

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