Who is Aditech? What is his Free Fire UID number, monthly income?

Who is Aditech? What is his Free Fire UID number, monthly income?

Who is Aditech? What is his Free Fire UID number, monthly income?

Aditech's Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio, headshots, and more revealed

Free fire is the most popular game in the world. People exhibit madness when it comes to this game. People are on the lookout to grasp every detail of the game. Many have started the Youtube channel to unfold the mystery of this game. They enjoy quite a following on youtube. Many of them have garnered millions of subscribers within six months of starting the channel. 

One of them is “Aditech.” 

He boasts of a huge subscriber base of 3.14 million. A total of 37K subscribers have been collected in the last month. 

Aditech’s Free Fire ID number and stats

His Free Fire UID number is 79084851. 

Lifetime stats

Aditech has appeared in 4253 squad games and has won 1553 games, maintaining a win percentage of 36.51%. He has 9431 kills to his name and he has a K/D of 3.49.

The streamer has won 212 games out of the total 2220 duo matches, achieving a win rate of 9.54%. He has 4310 frags to his name. He has a K/D ratio of 2.15. 

He has featured in 2020 solo matches and has won in 210 events, adding up to a win rate of 10.39%. In this process, he has accumulated 3747 eliminations at a K/D ratio of 2.07. 

Ranked stats

Aditech has participated in 204 squad games and won 138, making his win rate 67.64%. Additionally, he has notched 984 kills in them, having a K/D ratio of 14.91.

The YouTuber has played 12 duo matches and won 5 matches, maintaining the win rate of 75%. With a K/D ratio of 16.33, he has 49 kills.


According to Social Blade, Aditech monthly earnings range from $10.9K to $175K monthly. As of now, he has an estimated annual income ranging from $131.2K and $2.1M

YouTube channel

The first video was posted in October 2018. Since then, there has been no look back. Now more than 247 videos have been uploaded that have garnered more than 245 million views. He has garnered 3.14 million subscribers.

If you are a hardcore fan of the free-fire and want to know the secrets of the game. You can visit his channel by the name of Aditech.