Which Free Fire character is better for the Factory Challenge?

Garena Free Fire is one among the fastest-growing BR titles that has led to the prosperity of the many talented and popular content creators on video-making platforms like YouTube, Twitch, etc.

The Factory Challenge may be a game mode created while popular YouTubers played custom room matches on their live streams. Since then, this challenge became popular among players.

The rules of this challenge are simple. Players got to land on the highest of Factory (a location on the Bermuda map), where they need to battle it out against one another only with bare hands or melee weapons.

As players can choose any character for this challenge. this text compares the skills of DJ Alok and Elite Kelly to conclude who may be a more sensible choice for the Factory Challenge in Free Fire.

Analyzing the skills of DJ Alok and Elite Kelly in Free Fire

DJ Alok

DJ Alok in Free Fire

Ability: Drop the Beat

Skill type: Active

DJ Alok has a lively ability called Drop The Beat that makes a 5m aura, increasing the ally movement speed by 10% and restoring 5HP for five seconds.

Alok’s ability are often boosted to level 6 with universal fragments, where it increases the ally movement speed by 15% and restores 5 HP for 10 seconds.

Elite Kelly (Kelly “The Swift”)

Elite Kelly in Free Fire

Ability: Deadly Velocity

Skill type: Passive

Elite Kelly is an upgraded or ‘Awakened’ version of Kelly. Kelly “The Swift” features a passive ability called Deadly Velocity that activates after sprinting for four seconds. After activation, the primary round on the enemy causes 101% damage. But, the skill lasts for five seconds.

At Elite Kelly’s maximum potential (Level 6), the primary shot damage caused on the enemy increases to 106%.

Verdict: Which is better?

Elite Kelly’s ability offers 101% damage on the primary shot, but only the player uses a firearm to hit the enemy. However, as players got to fistfight within the Factory Challenge, Elite Kelly’s ability is inapplicable.

Hence, it’s safe to mention that DJ Alok are going to be a much better choice over Elite Kelly for the Factory Challenge. He offers players enhanced movement speed and continuous healing ability during fistfights.

Note: Since the Factory Challenge maybe a custom room mode in Garena Free Fire, the weapon choice solely depends on the individual player. The fights are usually 1v1, and therefore the popular weapons used are melee and fists. this text compares the 2 characters that supported these criteria.

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