What is PUBG Mobile India, and how is it going to be different from the PUBG Mobile global version?

What is PUBG Mobile India, and how is it going to be different from the PUBG Mobile global version?

What is PUBG Mobile India, and how is it going to be different from the PUBG Mobile global version?

The year 2020 was filled with ups and downs for the Indian PUBG Mobile users. Their favorite game was among the list of 118 apps that were banned by the Ministry of Electronics and knowledge Technology over data and privacy concerns.

The surprising move left the battle royale game’s fans and players disheartened. And since then, they need been expecting the revival of PUBG Mobile in India.

In November, a beacon of hope emerged for them as Krafton Inc. announced a region-specific version of the sport , i.e., PUBG Mobile India. They also released teasers on their social media handles featuring famous figures like Dynamo, Jonathan, and Kronten.

This article shares insights on the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, alongside the changes which will be incorporated into the sport .

PUBG Mobile India may be a region-specific version of the battle royale title, specifically developed to cater to users in India. during a handout , Krafton disclosed that the privacy of the users would be their utmost priority.

The announcement also stated the following:

“In order to reflect the requirements and preferences of Indian users and to make a healthy gameplay environment and culture, game contents are going to be greatly improved. The background of Battleground Mobile India is about as a virtual simulation training ground, character costumes are automatically installed, and therefore the bloodstain effect is modified to green, minimizing the impact on the play experience and reorganizing some contents consistent with the locality. Additionally , a playtime limit function is going to be added for the healthy use of the sport for teenagers.”

As stated above, the Indian version of the sport is going to be having numerous changes compared to the worldwide variant. The changes are as follows:

Default character clothing – The characters in PUBG Mobile India are going to be fully clothed, and users wouldn’t be ready to undress them.

Feature to limit the playtime – a singular feature to limit the playtime also will be introduced. This move has been made to market healthy gaming habits among the younger audience. The PUBG Mobile global version has fewer restrictions, but they might likely become stricter.

Green Hit Effect – to point out the virtual nature of the sport , the Hit Effect are going to be locked to the green color. Meanwhile, within the global version, users are going to be ready to change the colours .

The South Korean company also mentioned that they might be boldly investing in conducting an exclusive esports league. Moreover, Krafton announced an investment of $100 million for promoting video games, esports, IT, and entertainment industries in India.

However, there has been no official announcement regarding the game’s release date. Hence, users are still waiting.