“What did selectors do!”; “Introspection is needed!”- Feeds full with criticism against India

“What did selectors do!”; “Introspection is needed!”- Feeds full with criticism against India

“What did selectors do!”; “Introspection is needed!”- Feeds full with criticism against India

“What did selectors do!”; “Introspection is needed!”- Feeds full with criticism against India

All over the Instagram and Twitter feeds are full with yet another loss of team India in ICC T20 World Cup 2021 on Sunday, 31st. After a devastating loss against Pakistan in the opening match, India has lost against New Zealand too. Subsequently, 2 matches have been played by the team India till now and all lost! 

Many critics as well as former cricketers are putting questions on team selections, others are praising the Kiwis for their approach towards the game against the Indian squad. Harbhajan Singh and Akash Chopra have explained the close possibilities about Team India hardly getting into the semis.

Harbhajan Singh has explained about Virat Kohli’s early knockout at struggling 9 runs off 17 balls. Singh has explained that playing sweep shots is not Virat’s style, giving singles in between could have cushioned India’s team score but not leaving any space between tight bowling from Sodhi and Mitchell, the result went in New Zealand’s favor. Also, the fielders, who fielded phenomenally have left the Indian fielder’s mouth shut. 

On the other hand, Akash Chopra has raised questions over the selectors. In his youtube video, the former cricketer insisted on playing the same top-order openers and batters. Chopra also said Ishan Kishan was not needed in the opening just because Trent- the left-handed bowler was running from the front to bowl. Rohit could have batted in place of Ishan and he is a top-order player that was expected to be an opener for India. If the team has the world’s best top-order batsman, no changes in them were needed they were supposed to bat from their respective order- 1,2,3 i.e.: KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli they should stick to their positions.

The former Pakistan pacer Aaqib Jawed slammed India by putting the psyche of the Indian squad forward. He believes that India has changed its top-order just because Shaheen Shah Afridi’s hit was explosive enough for blowing the selector’s and Team India’s minds. Rohit Sharma was the opener against the Kiwis and he was supposed to bat first with KL. 

There are many similar opinions of many cricketers like Gautam Gambhir and Irfan Pathan that have given their statements against the selectors and team’s approach.

India’s performance no doubt, from the last 2 matches is been disappointing! Every cricket fan right now is feeling betrayed and disappointed but one thing is to be stated clearly that playing there in the field and planning inconsistently for good gameplay, for 6 continuous months is not as easy as a piece of cake. Bubble life is tough though!

Everyone can criticize them but only a few know the strength of the INDIAN MEN and those who know are not criticizing them at all. 

One of them is Mohammad Azharuddin, who has tweeted in favor of India :

“Virat Kohli is facing criticism but it’s the entire team and the coaches that have failed and not just one man. It turned out to be a horrible Halloween for team India.”

After the back-to-back disastrous blow over the Indian squad, there is a much-needed introspection to be done. Criticizing is easy, playing under pressure in the middle of the field is not- that we agree! Just don’t leave any loophole for the others, so that they pull you down from behind. True Indian fans are always with the team no matter what happens. 

India’s next match is with Afghanistan on 3rd November at 7:30 pm (IST).