What are the 5 best uses of gloo wall in Free Fire?

What are the 5 best uses of gloo wall in Free Fire?

What are the 5 best uses of gloo wall in Free Fire?

Free Fire features some interesting items like gloo walls which will take the sport up a notch. Gloo walls are available handy as a shield from sudden bullets, as a distraction, and whilst a staircase.

Gloo walls and grenades are often a winning combo. This brief guide to using gloo walls in Free Fire will help in strategizing gameplay.

Here are some best uses of gloo walls in Free Fire

1 – Stack them upon one another

Stacking gloo walls on one another has several benefits:

  • Reach inaccessible places like inside the Bimasakti Tower or reach upper floors of the shelters.
  • Cover head to prevent headshots on slopes or flat terrain.
  • Shoot enemies inside a house from windows.
  • Counter grenades (in some cases).

Don’t forget to destroy the gloo wall staircase after reaching the inaccessible point.

2 – Confuse the enemy

When the shrinking zone shrinks to a speck, the battle is basically intense. With foresight, a player can plant a couple of phony gloo walls and take cover at such an angle that the enemy shooting at the gloo wall is often shot.

3 – Double gloo wall for smoother escape

To make escapades convenient, players can deploy double gloo walls. this is often because some guns can punch a hole through gloo walls. Also, some grenades can roll up to the walls

In squad mode, players can use this gloo wall trick to heal or rescue teammates and delay to maneuver faraway from bullet showers.

4 – Blocking shelters

When during a squad, members can corner enemies using gloo walls and grenades. As an example , a squad can block doors, contribute smoke grenades and trap the enemies.

5 – Keep the gloo wall grenade ready

The whole point of gloo walls is to shield players from bullets. The button should be handy and therefore the gloo wall is loaded so it is often deployed instantly. This trick is going to be useful while dashing from one shelter to the opposite or in open fields.

Most players will fumble for the button when it is time to deploy the gloo wall. Avoid this by increasing the dimensions of the grenade button.