Ways to get the Free Custom Room Card and Other Rewards from Republic Day Event

The events have some special tasks to do they keep their gamers active with such tasks and missions which will, in turn, give rewards to them. The recent one is the ‘She Plays Free Fire’. 

Garena has already informed its fans about the events such as Happy Republic Day and more where the gamers will be able to get the crate of guns, skins, and more. The event is for 26th January only in order to get all the items the gamers have to complete the tasks. The prize pool with their respective missions contains :

  • Sign in 1 day – 3x Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Play 1 match with friends – 1x Craftland Room Card
  • Play game for 30 minutes – India Facepaint
  • Attain Booyahs 3 times – 3x Incubator Vouchers
  • Attain Booyahs 5 times – 2x Swordsman Legends Weapon Loot Crate and 2x FFCS Weapon Loot Crate.

The last date for the vouchers is 28th January 2022, by signing in the gamers will get 3 Weapon Royale Vouchers. 

Steps to obtain the Rewards from the Republic Day Event:

STEP 1: The gamers are required to open the event by selecting the Calendar icon.

STEP 2: Players are now required to click on the ‘Happy Republic Day’ event and click on the ‘Claim’ icon placed next to the rewards.   

It is necessary to know that tasks and rewards are important, tasks being handy, and reward being free for the event is more affordable to be done than buying them in exchange for Diamonds. 

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