Valentine’s Royale Day Special: Get Emotes like I Heart You and more

Get Emotes like ‘I Heart You’ and more in Valentine’s Royale Day Special.

The game Free Fire is evolving day by day and taking the mission of impressing their fans too far. Developers have recently released another Royale called the ‘Valentine’s Royale’ along with 2 exclusive emotes and costume bundles. 

The Luck Royale section is the primary source of items and rewards and now the Valentine’s Royale will be providing them but the players are required to spend Diamonds during the process of spinning. Valentine’s Royale Day Special: Get Emotes like I Heart You and more.

Everything to Know About Valentine’s Royale:

The Valentine’s Royale has begun on 31st January and will run till 6th February 2022 in which the players are getting emotes: I Heart You and more.

The players will have to spend 40 Diamonds per spin and a bundle of 11 spins will be of 400 Diamonds after which the players can get the random prizes from the given prize pool:

  • I heart you (emote)
  • Heartbroken (emote)
  • Heartbreak Cupid Bundle
  • Sweetheart Cupid Bundle
  • Rose Bandana
  • Pink Dragon Backpack
  • Broomstick of Love
  • I Jump (Parachute)
  • You Jump (Parachute)
  • Pet Skin: Waggor in Love
  • Pink Heart (Avatar)
  • Blue Heart (Avatar)
  • Pink Roses (Banner)
  • Romantic Love (Banner)
  • 10x Heartbeat (token)
  • 5x Heartbeat (token)
  • 3x Heartbeat (token)
  • 2x Heartbeat (token)
  • Heartbeat (token)
  • AK – Water Balloon Weapon Loot Crate
  • M44A1 – Pink Laminate Weapon Loot Crate
  • Phantom Weapon Loot Crate
  • Warrior’s Spirit Weapon Loot Crate

The players can get exchanged rewards from the equipped emote- Heartbroken. The list of the tasks the players have to get done with are as follows:

  • 50x Heartbeat: I heart you
  • 50x Heartbeat: Heartbroken
  • 40x Heartbeat: Heartbreak Cupid Bundle
  • 40x Heartbeat: Sweetheart Cupid Bundle
  • 25x Heartbeat: Rose Bandana
  • 15x Heartbeat: Pink Dragon Backpack
  • 10x Heartbeat: Broomstick of Love
  • 10x Heartbeat: Pet Skin: Waggor in Love
  • 5x Heartbeat: I Jump
  • 5x Heartbeat: You Jump
  • 3x Heartbeat: Pink Heart
  • 3x Heartbeat: Blue Heart
  • 3x Heartbeat: Pink Roses
  • 3x Heartbeat: Romantic Love
  • 3x Heartbeat: AK – Water Balloon Weapon Loot Crate
  • 1x Heartbeat: Bonfire.

Steps to Get to the Event:

STEP 1: The players are required to go to the ‘Luck Royale’ section. 

STEP 2: The players then need to go to the ‘Valentine’s Royale’ and the vent will shortly get reflected on the screen.

STEP 3: Next the players can spin and get the items from the mentioned prizes.

Though it is necessary for the users to know that the rewards are not guaranteed. Valentine’s Royale Day Special: Get Emotes like I Heart You and more.

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