Top 5 rarest Free Fire emotes as of April 2021

Garena Free Fire adopts a different approach and employs a rare gameplay style. That’s the rationale why the sport is so fashionable for fans.

Along with various features like pets and characters, there are emotes in-game. Emotes allow players to interact with each other during a fun and interesting manner.

Several emotes get released into the sport via bundles or activities where players can buy and use them. However, some emotes are unique, and not many players have them. This text lists down a number of the rarest emotes in Free Fire so far .

What are the rarest emotes in Free Fire as of April 2021?

1 – Pirate’s Flag

The Pirate’s Flag emote was introduced during the Pirate Top Up event. Players had to top up 500 diamonds to get this emote.

As a part of the remote animation, the player slams a black flag on the bottom . it’s one among the foremost legendary and rare emotes in Free Fire.

2 – Flowers of affection (Rose emote)

The Flowers of affection emote was launched as a part of the Valentine Day Top Up Special event (2019), where players needed to top up 500 diamonds to urge it.

When the emote is played, characters make a stunning gesture with a rose in their hands.

3 – LOL

The LOL emote is one among the good and rarest emotes in Free Fire, and not many players have it.
It is one among the foremost in-demand emotes within the game even now. The LOL emote may be a friendly and entertaining one that players can use within the lobby.

4 – Doggie

This is also a rare emote that only a couple of people may need bought. The Doggie emote, launched within the Emote Party event, may be a fantastic emote that sees players enjoy and dance with a puppy.

The Doggie emote had been available on international servers for an extended time, but it took slightly longer to seek out its thanks to the Indian one.

5 – Push-Up

The Push-up emote was available within the Elite Pass tiers during the Bomb Squad Elite Pass (Elite Pass Season 9).

When the emote plays, the character begins doing a pair of planche push-ups. The emote is extremely rare, and only a couple of people own it.

Disclaimer: The rarity of those emotes is listed consistent with widespread speculation and discussion within the Free Fire community. The emotes listed here may or might not be rare for all players.

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