Top 5 Free Fire items to buy with diamonds this month

Top 5 Free Fire items to buy with diamonds this month

Top 5 Free Fire items to buy with diamonds this month | Free  gift card generator, Diamond free, Free gems

Free Fire players can often buy various in-game items using diamonds. Diamonds (in-game money) are to be bought using real money.

To top up diamonds, players can head over to websites or roll in the hay in-game. Be advised to spend these diamonds wisel

Best items to shop for in Free Fire

1. Characters

The best thanks to spend money on Free Fire is to shop for characters to assist players improve their gameplay. All the characters, except the default ones, have their own unique ability.

If players are lucky, they will get certain characters at a reduction via some event. Currently, there are 37 characters in Free Fire.

2. Pets

Players must properly pair their pets with characters

Like characters, pets in Free Fire even have certain abilities that players can use in Battle Royale matches. Players must remember to properly pair their pets with characters to urge the simplest result.

Players need around 700 diamonds, counting on the pet of their choice. There are 16 pets in Free Fire as of now.

3. Gun Skins

Players can spend diamonds to get cool gun skins

Gun skins are always an attraction on Free Fire. These skins make the guns look fancy and also help in increasing their performance.

Players who want to possess cool gun skins must purchase gun crates that the sport has got to offer. Players got to spend 25 – 40 diamonds to urge a crate of their choice.

4. Outfits and Bundles

Outfits are popular picks for players who enjoy Free Fire. This battle royale title offers players fancy outfits to get via certain exciting events.

Players also can win outfit bundles by participating in lucky draws. Mobile gamers got to pay a specified number of diamonds to spin the Royale Wheel.

5. Paid Passes

Season 37 Elite Bundle in Free Fire

Free Fire offers two sorts of Passes, namely, the Elite Pass and therefore the Elite Bundle. Elite Pass costs 499 diamonds, and therefore the Diamond Pass is worth 999 diamonds.

These Passes in Free Fire offers a mixture of things that players can get their hands on. Players can complete missions and stand an opportunity to win exciting rewards.