Top 5 Free Fire characters worth unlocking on the 4th-anniversary update

Top 5 Free Fire characters worth unlocking on the 4th-anniversary update

Top 5 Free Fire characters worth unlocking on the 4th-anniversary update

Top 5 Free Fire characters worth unlocking on the 4th-anniversary update

If you want to have the great experience of the ultimate survival battle, you need to go for the Free fire. This is the game that gives you HD quality graphics and it can run well on low-end devices. There are many maps and modes that are available for the players to find out in the Title. 

In the free fire, you can get many in-game characters that serve different purposes in the free fire. There is interesting news for the free fire lovers where two new characters have been added to the game in the 4th Anniversary update. Now in the free fire, there is a list of great players to choose from. 

In this article, you will come to know the 5 top characters worth exploring on the 4th-anniversary update. 

Five free fire characters, you can unlock on the 4th-anniversary update

1. Dimitri: 

Two New Characters In Free Fire With OB29 Update: In-Game Abilities  Explained » FirstSportz

This is the newest character that has been added to the list of free-fire characters. It has a name called Healing heartbeat that allows users to create a 3.5 mm healing zone. Inside the zone, players have the opportunity to heal themselves at 3HP/sex for 10 seconds. 

Players who are part of the Top-up event are eligible to buy the Dimitri character. 

2. Wukong

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When it comes to the second character that is worth unlocking in the 4th-anniversary update is Wukong. His skills have a name called Camouflage. He has the ability to disguise himself as a bush for a particular period of time. If you upgrade this character to its maximum level, then players can remain disguised for 15 seconds. 

The price of the Wukong is 499 diamonds in the free fire. 

3. A 124

A124 Garena Free Fire Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

A124 can be a great option for players who are in love with the rush gameplay. Her skill is known as Thrill of Battle. The skill lets the users convert 25 EP (energy points) to HP (health points). A124’s skills have a cooldown period of 90 seconds at their initial level. 

The price of A124 is 499 diamonds in the free fire. 

4. K

Everything we know about Free Fire's new character, K | Dot Esports

K character has proved to be the favorite character for those players who play as the all-rounders. He has two skills named Jiu-Jitsu mode and Psychology mode. In Jiu-Jitsu mode, players get a 500% hike in their EP conversion rate within a range of six meters. In Psychology mode, players can restore some part of their EP every three seconds up to 100 EP. 

K character has a price of 599 diamonds in Free fire. 

5. Chrono

How to Get Free Chrono Character in Garena Free Fire (2021)

Chrono’s character is one of the most loved characters in Free Fire. His skill, time-turner, helps players to lock 600 damage. The skill has a time duration of three seconds at its base level. The character is inspired by famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.