Top 3 Free Fire Max Faded Wheel Rewards

Top 3 Free Fire Max Faded Wheel Rewards.

The gamers have been waiting for the freebies like always, it’s not that they haven’t got any but still, they are always in the wait of it. The event is always there in the game and offers freebies to the players. The events available in the game can be seen in the Luck Royale section of Free Fire Max. 

The players are required to spin the wheel (limited spins) to get the rewards that will be controlled by them in case of removing or exchanging the reward they don’t want to have. The reason behind this can be that there might be some rewards that have been already acquired by the player or maybe that they are there in the store while others are not or are rare. Top 3 Free Fire Max Faded Wheel Rewards.

Best Faded Wheel Items in Free Fire Max:

  1. K- Character: The character is the in-game replica of well-known American Artist- K, that was added to the game in October 2020 and brought Professor Bundle with it. The event had many perks like one of them was that the 1st spin could be made for free while the character and the bundle was been given out for 833 Diamonds and the store had it for 1199 Diamonds. 
  1. Blue Flame Draco AK- Gun Skin: The wheel was added in October 2020, which has the 1st Evo Gun Skin because the mere existence of the gun in the game is so big. The gun comes with special features and the appealing model of a Dragon. During the wheel event, the 1st spin was for free.   Top 3 Free Fire Max Faded Wheel Rewards.
  1. The Demented Maniac- Outfit: This outfit was added on the game’s 3rd anniversary in 2020 is known as the Joker Faded Wheel in which there were 2 rewards. The Mime Makeup and the Hysteria XM8 would increase the accuracy.  Top 3 Free Fire Max Faded Wheel Rewards.
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