Tim Paine steps down as Australia’s Test Captain!

Tim Paine steps down as Australia’s Test Captain

Tim Paine steps down as Australia’s Test Captain

Tim Paine steps down as Australia’s Test Captain

Australian Tim Paine stepped down from his team’s captaincy on Friday. Tim Paine was held accountable for sending inappropriate messages to a co-worker which was brought into notice after 4 years of the tragic incident. 

Tim Paine was investigated back in 2017 after allegations were put up on the cricketer by Cricket Australia and Cricket Tasmania, but the investigators concluded the player was innocent and that he hasn’t breached any Australian Cricket code of conduct.

In a Press Conference Paine said:

“Today, I’ve announced my decision to stand down as the captain of the Australian men’s test team. It’s an incredibly difficult decision, but the right one for me, my family, and cricket. As background on my decision, nearly four years ago, I was involved in a text exchange with a then-colleague. At the time, the exchange was the subject of a thorough CA Integrity Unit investigation, throughout which I fully participated in and openly participated in.”

Tim Paine mentioned by explaining that according to him stepping down from the team’s Captaincy is the right thing for everyone ahead of the clash with England. Paine added:

“I believe that it is the right decision for me to stand down as captain, effective immediately. I do not want this to become an unwelcome disruption to the team ahead of what is a huge Ashes Series.”

Tim Paine continued:

“I have loved my role as captain of the Australian cricket team. It’s been the greatest privilege of my sporting life to lead the Australian men’s test team. I’m grateful for the support of my teammates and proud of what we’ve been able to achieve together.”

The Cricket Board has accepted Tim’s resignation and assured to appoint a new captain as soon as possible. However, Pat Cummins being the Vice-captain makes the decision easy and he has given certain surety every time related to the captaincy of Australia’s team.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s former captain Salman Butt comes in support of Tim and urged people to move on also requests them not to be harsh on the cricketer. Salman Butt commented:

“Many people may have gone through this stage in life. I have been through something as well. People should not build their argument around someone’s misery and take high moral ground. Humans should not do this, according to me. He made a mistake, he has apologized and stepped down. Let’s move on.”

Salman Butt was himself accused of an unsavory situation of spot-fixing. He was then suspended and was banned from cricket for several years. Butt can feel that Tim has been feeling till now. Adding further Butt said:

“I am not a great fan of him as a cricketer or his attitude. He is not an outstanding batter or captain but he is human at the end of the day.”

The current Chairman has shown disappointment in CA’s decision to continue Tim as the Captain of the team even after being investigated.

The current Cricket Australia (CA) Chairman said:

“I can’t talk about the 2018 decision, I wasn’t there. But I am saying, based on the facts as they are, today the board of Cricket Australia would not have made that decision. I acknowledge the decision clearly sent the wrong message that this behaviour is acceptable and without serious consequences. The role of Australian cricket captain must be held to the highest standards.”

The then skipper Steve Smith and player David Warner were banned for a year for the ball-tempering scandal in 2018, Tim Paine was appointed as the team’s skipper.