Shane Warne is disappointed with Australia’s decision

Shane Warne is disappointed with Australia’s decision

Shane Warne is disappointed with Australia’s decision

Shane Warne is disappointed with Australia’s decision

The former Australian cricketer Shane Warne is not happy with Steve Smith’s appointment as vice-captain of Australia Men’s Test cricket. 

Shane Warne has seriously pointed out over Australia’s Code of Conduct where they decided to appoint the accused player of ‘ball tempering’ scandal along with David Warner. He firmly believes that Smith is never supposed to become the leader in any way. 

At first, Warne was not certain about the fact but as soon as he did he was not happy with the decision. He believes giving him the 2nd chance was only supposed to be letting him play for the nation and not leading it. The former ODI Capatin said:

“They won’t make Steve Smith captain, they can’t do that, I wouldn’t have thought they’ll do that.”

The 52-year old cricketer was not able to understand the point in appointing the 30-year old while David Warner with “the best cricket brain” is left out forever deprived of the captaincy. 

Shane Warne further added:

“I don’t agree with him being vice-captain, I just don’t agree with that. I think how can a captain on his watch Sandpaper Gate happen and a player like David Warner, who has got the best cricket brain, suddenly never be able to be a leader but the captain, where it happened on his watch, is allowed to become the vice-captain. It doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever.”

Warne continued:

“Now I’m for all people who make mistakes, and I made more than most, but there are some mistakes that you make, like in this situation, ‘yeah we’ll forgive you, but I think your second chance is being able to play again because if you think about it, he allowed someone to put sandpaper down their pants and try to shine the ball. I mean, how do you do that under your watch as captain.”

Warne explains that he has no personal issue with Smith but the leading position that has been handed to him is not right:

“I like Steve Smith, I’ve got nothing against him, I consider him a friend, but as far as a leadership position goes, I don’t see how they can make that appointment” 

He explained why and with whom exactly he is disappointed. Warne continued:

“I was disappointed with Cricket Australia that they did. They may as well throw the code of conduct out the window or rewrite it.”

Warne got support from many of his teammates as well as cricketers. One of which is Damien Martyn, who replied to Warne by tweeting:

“There are so many high-paid cricket pundits but only one has come out and given their true opinion! And I 100% agree with what Shane Warne has to say.”

Extremely disappointed Warne didn’t just stop here, he further said that if in the future something happens to Cummins, Steve should not be appointed as the captain at any cost. 

“If something happens to Pat Cummins, I would hope that they would make someone else captain and Steve is just vice-captain if they’re going to keep that up,” 

He knows that this decision of Australia has divided the country into two and that what is going to happen at Gabba. 

“But I’m sure what’s going to happen at the Gabba with the crowd and that, there’s so many comments towards Cricket Australia and this appointment that people aren’t happy. There’s a lot of people who have said give him another chance, but it’s divided the country and it’s made Cricket Australia look pretty ordinary and (question) what do they truly stand for, what do they stand for and what is their code of comment.”

In the last Warne concluded by warning Australia’s selectors and Cricket Council by saying:

“If something happens to Pat Cummins and they make Steve Smith captain, goodness me, I think there’ll be an outrage.”

Australia is going to lock its horns against their arch-rivals England on December 8th in the Ashes 2021 that is going to be hosted by Gabba.