SG Saumraj’s BGMI ID, Stats, BGIS Performance, and more

SG Saumraj’s BGMI ID, Stats, BGIS Performance, and more

Saumya Raj, popularly known as “SG Saumraj” is in the world of PUBG Mobile and BGMI. He earned a name for himself and made everyone realize that games and being a gamer can be taken as a profession. 

Saumraj started streaming gameplay videos of BG Mobile India he led his team SkyLightz Gaming in the now-concluded BGIS 2021 and left everyone speechless after winning the title. He is currently positioned in the Platinum I -tier.

SG Saumraj’s BGMI ID Number, In-Game-Name (IGN), and More

Saumraj’s in-game ID is 5482502465. His In-Game-Name is SGxSaumRaj.

SG Saumraj’s BGMI Stats

SG Saumraj’s BGMI ID, Stats, BGIS Performance, and more

SG Saumraj’s stats for the ongoing Cycle 1 Season 3 of the game, he has played 85 classic matches in the squad, won 5 of them, and approached the Top 10 in 21 matches with 354 finishes sustaining the F/D ratio of 4.16 with total damage 2710  and percentage being 52998.1.  

SG Saumraj’s BGIS 2021 Performance

Saumraj has played phenomenally throughout the whole season of BGIS 2021 he is an IGL and brought his team to the top by winning the title. He has won 2 awards Rampage Freak Award for damaging most throughout the match and the Lone Ranger award because he managed to survive for the longest time throughout the match.

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