Salman Butt crashes over International players

Salman Butt crashes over International players

Salman Butt crashes over International players

Salman Butt crashes over International players

Pakistan’s former cricketer Salman Butt taught Indian International players-Virendra Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir a rich lesson over sportsmanship. 

Earlier after the India-Pakistan clash, Virendra Sehwag tweeted claiming unfair rules for different people. After the historic win of Pakistan over India people burnt firecrackers in some parts of India to celebrate their victory to which Veeru paaji showed his dissent. 

Veeru paaji tweeted: 

“Firecrackers are banned during Diwali but yesterday in parts of India there were firecrackers to celebrate Pakistan‘s victory. Achha they must have been celebrating the victory of cricket. Toh , what’s the harm in fireworks on Diwali. Hypocrisy Kyun ,Saara gyaan tab hi yaad aata hai”

To which Salman Butt replied by saying:

“You don’t expect international cricketers to react this way. They have played the game for so long and were such renowned sportspersons. These are the people who are expected to make people understand. If they react in such a way, then obviously people around them will think what they are saying is right.”

The former cricketer also showed his disappointment and asked Sehwag and Gambhir to look out before saying anything which people might think is right just because they (the renowned cricketers) are people’s ideal. Butt added:

“Cricketers like them need to be careful about what they write because they have so many followers. People listen to them and what they say and do has an impact on them. They should be the reason of people doing the best talk, giving the best speech, promoting peace and harmony. These should not talk about things that are not suitable.”

The great speaker even supported his teachings with an exceptional instance that once happened in Pakistan during India-Pakistan’s ODI clash where PCB burnt the firecrackers even when India won the series. Salman Butt added:

“When India were playing the ODI series in Pakistan (in 2004), PCB had arranged for firecrackers for the last match. The series was tied at 2-2. The firecrackers were set off even after India won the series, which was a great gesture from PCB. This is what sportsman spirit is.”

Apart from the renowned sportsperson’s tweets, no troller was left behind in order to troll their Indian players Md. Shami and Indian skipper Virat for their defeat against Pakistan. Even the limits were crossed to such an extent where trollers started to abuse and blame Shami for the defeat.

Along with trolls many players like Tendulkar and Sehwag, Harbhajan, and Irfan Pathan confronted the trolls and raised their confidence by tweeting.


“When we support #TeamIndia, we support every person who represents Team India. @MdShami11 is a committed, world-class bowler. He had an off day like any other sportsperson can have. I stand behind Shami & Team India.”

While Sehwag’s tweet read:

“The online attack on Mohammad Shami is shocking and we stand by him. He is a champion and Anyone who wears the India cap has India in their hearts far more than any online mob. With you Shami. Agle match mein dikado jalwa.”

Despite the disappointing performance of team India, it’s not a way to troll any sports person the way these days people do. The Indian cricket team has not lost against Pakistan but has definitely gained something for life. They were praised for their outstanding performance though they were under-pressure. India will definitely show their best game in the next matches.

India will clash its horns after a week’s rest on 31st October Sunday at 7:30 pm(IST).