Rob Gronkowski Competes With Girlfriend Camille Kostek In Live Ice Bath For Charity

Rob Gronkowski Competes With Girlfriend Camille Kostek In Live Ice Bath For Charity

Former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski and his Sports Illustrated model Girlfriend Camille Kostek competed with each other in live Icy Cold Bath for a good cause.

On Friday, Gronkowski and Kostek took an intense ice bath to raise money for charity on Good Morning America.

They went live on Good Morning America with a four-minute timer in busy Times Square, to see who would keep up the longer. Gronkowski and his girlfriend did this cold 44-degree ice bath challenge to raise $20,000 for the charity of their choice.

The host of the show prepared some questions for distraction so they could think of other matters rather than keep thinking about how cold the water was.

There was one particular question asked to Rob Gronkowski whether he would pull off his retirement or not.

Which the four-time Super Bowl champion turned down immediately.

Here’s the clip of the video posted by Good Morning America:

About asking whom they would donate this huge money to, Kostek replied while shivering in the icy tub,

“I’m here for the Peter Frates Family ALS Foundation. I am not giving up. I’m in here all four minutes baby. This is for a great foundation that I’m here to represent. I’m going all the way.”

This is a non-profit foundation famous for the Ice Bucket Challenge, which has raised awareness for the debilitating nervous system disease.

Well done Kostek and Gronkowski you both did a great job for a great cause.

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