PUBG Mobile: Top 3 weapons for mid-range combat

PUBG Mobile: Top 3 weapons for mid-range combat

PUBG Mobile: Top 3 weapons for mid-range combat

PUBG Mobile: Top 3 weapons for mid-range combat

PUBG Mobile has set many records within the battle royale category. The title has achieved over a billion downloads across the world . It offers HD-quality graphics alongside magnificent weapons and in-game dynamics.

Mid-range is one among the foremost engaging combat ranges within the game. Players with good knowledge of which weapons are suitable for mid-range can take many advantages. Here’s a glance at the highest 3 weapons for mid-range combat in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile: Top 3 weapons for mid-range combat:

1) M416:

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The M416 assault gun is one among the foremost adaptable weapons within the PUBG Mobile game. Players can use it in almost every combat range which incorporates close-range and mid-range. The weapon uses 5.56mm ammunition and is best suited with 4x and 6x scopes for mid-range spray transfer.

It comes with a mean damage of 41 hitpoints. Players can head to the training ground to master their sensitivity settings for various scopes. The recommended attachments for the M416 assault gun are:

  • Muzzle: Compensator(reduces recoil)
  • Grip: Half grip(recoil recovery) and laser sight(better hip-fire)
  • Magazine: Extended quickdraw( Increased ammunition)
  • Stock: Tact-stock(improves stability)

2) DP-28:

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The second weapon on the list is the DP-28 LMG. it’s considered one among the deadliest weapons for mid-range within the title. The weapon uses 7.62mm ammunition and has a mean damage of 51 hitpoints. A player can either shoot a brief burst onto the enemy or accompany a full spray of bullets to urge a knock and finish in one spray.

The only cons of DP-28 are its availability in just Erangel and Livik maps and its slow fire rate. The simplest combination for the weapon is with a 4x scope to win mid-range gunfights.

3) Mini-14:

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The last weapon on the list is the Mini-14 DMR. Its ability to equip an 8x scope helps players get the whip hand in mid-range combat. With its lesser recoil, players can shoot quick single-tap shots onto the enemy to urge a simple knock or kill.

It uses 5.56mm ammunition and features a maximum ammunition capacity of 30 per round with an extended magazine. The typical damage per hit for Mini-14 is 46 hitpoints. it’s available on all classic maps in PUBG Mobile apart from Sanuk, where it’s replaced by QBU