PUBG Mobile: How to reach to Conqueror in Season 19

PUBG Mobile: How to reach Conqueror in Season 19

PUBG Mobile: How to reach Conqueror in Season 19

PUBG Mobile: How to reach to Conqueror in Season 19

PUBG Mobile is one among the most important names within the battle royale category across the world . the sport follows one among the foremost challenging tier systems during which players can enhance their skill level.

Conqueror is that the highest tier in PUBG Mobile, and most players desire to succeed in it to urge the Conqueror title and other tier rewards. However, players who are pushing their ranks for the primary time won’t be ready to grasp the fundamentals of rank push, which this text discusses.

Tips to push ranks to Conqueror quickly in PUBG Mobile Season 19

1)Where to land

Where players land is vital to them surviving longer

During the rank push to higher tiers like Conqueror, selecting the landing spot wisely is important . Players are recommended to land at those locations that are known to them.

Those who wish to play in an aggressive style can attend Georgopol and Pochinki. Gamers who play passively can land in big towns like Yasnaya Polyana and Georgopol City.

2) Importance of kills and survival

Surviving and getting a certain number of kills gives more points per match (Image via PUBG Mobile)

A player must learn the importance of kills and survival points within the Conqueror rank push. The recommended survival time to urge more plus tier points is 20 to 22 minutes per match.

To get a minimum of 15 to twenty tier points, they ought to choose 4 to five kills in each match. This way, players will reach the Conqueror more swiftly

3) Teammate support

Duo and Squad games need the support of teammates (Image via PUBG Mobile)

In Duo and Squad rank push, teammates’ support plays an important role. Players must choose regular teammates who are known to them. If they push ranks with random teammates, there are chances of them getting killed within the initial zones of the match, thus getting negative tier points.

In Solo rank push, however, only a player’s reflexes and aiming skills matter.

4) Device and data connection

A good smartphone and stable internet are vital

Players looking to rank push to Conqueror in Season 19 should have an honest device and data connection. With an appropriate phone, they’re going to encounter fewer frame drops within the final circles.

It will eventually help to collect more kills and top positions. With a stable data connection, players will get less ping, and hence, more bullets will connect on enemies

5) Vehicles and utilities

Using utilities well can be life-saving (Image via Smartprix)

The significance of auto and utility usage rises in higher tiers like Ace and Conqueror. Vehicles provide hardcover in final zones when players are stuck in open fields. they’re also helpful in making quick rotations to safe zones.

Utilities include grenades and healing items in PUBG Mobile. Players can utilize frag grenades to rush onto enemy squads and smoke grenades for quick cover.