Munna Bhai Gaming’s Free Fire ID, Stats, Income, YouTube Channel, and in February 2022

Munna Bhai Gaming’s Free Fire ID, Stats, Income, YouTube Channel, and in February 2022

Atchuth Sankula is well known for his YouTube videos and is widely popular for its content and skillful gaming in Battle Royale Garena Free Fire in his regional language Telugu. He runs a YouTube Channel, Munna Bhai Gaming, by which he became famous for his challenge videos in the gaming community.

Munna Bhai Gaming has amassed 2.73 million subscribers, with a total of over 259.73 million views on its content. 

Munna Bhai Gaming’s Free Fire ID, Stats, Guild, Rank, and more:

The Free Fire ID of Munna Bhai Gaming is 402752655. He is currently ranked Heroic in BR-Ranked and Master in CS-Ranked.

Munna Bhai Gaming’s Lifetime Stats:

The YouTuber has played 12285 squad matches out of which he has 3807 first-place finishes with a winning percentage of 30.98%. He has collected 49023 kills with a K/D ratio of 5.78.

Talking about the duo matches, he has played 2638 matches and won 650 Booyahs with an amazing win rate of 24.63%. He has grabbed 9825 frags with a K/D ratio of 4.94.

Apart from these, talking about the solo matches, he has played 4319 and won 1124 of them with a win percentage of 26.02%. He has accumulated 19514 kills. His K/D ratio in solo matches is 6.11.

Munna Bhai Gaming’s Ranked Stats:

Munna Bhai Gaming has played 105 of the squad matches and claimed victory in 39 of them with a win rate of 37.14%. Killing 438 of his enemies with a K/D ratio of 6.64.

He has appeared in 20 duo-ranked matches in the ongoing battle royale season and has claimed victory in 3 of them with a win rate of 15.00% he has killed 78 of his enemies and the K/D ratio is 4.59.

He has played 91 solo matches and has won in 8 of them sustaining a win rate of 8.79% with 202 kills at a K/D ratio of 2.43.

Munna Bhai Gaming’s Total Income:

Munna Bhai Gaming’s estimated monthly income is to be $2.2K – $35.2K and yearly income is expected to be between $26.4K – $422.8K according to Social Blade

Munna Bhai Gaming’s YouTube Channel:

Munna Bhai Gaming’s content is primarily about the gameplay which he has been creating. The YouTube Channel has uploaded around 1080 videos, he has been uploading videos for a few years. He has garnered 90 thousand subscribers and 8.807 million views in the last 30 days alone.

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