MrStiven TC’s FF ID, Stats, Rank, Total Income, and more (February 2022)

MrStiven TC’s FF ID, Stats, Rank, Total Income, and more (February 2022)

MrStiven TC’s FF ID, Stats, Rank, Total Income, and more (February 2022)

MrStiven TC’s FF ID, Stats, Rank, Total Income, and more (February 2022)

Free Fire is opening wide areas for the content makers on YouTube and other platforms. Among other YouTubers, one of them is MrStiven TC. MrStiven is creating content from Columbia garnering a massive amount of 2.6 million followers on Instagram alone.

The YouTuber usually makes and releases content about Free Fire and amassed a huge number of fans around him because of his more par excellence gameplay and skills and live streams due to which he has been topping the list. His Youtube Channel has 70k subscribers and 15.673 million views.

MrStiven TC’s FF ID Number, Stats, and more:

MrStiven TC’s Free Fire ID Number is 10887979. He is the leader of the Clan TC guild whose ID is 60473738

Moreover, he has been exceptional in his game which can be seen through his ranks as he has acquired Heroic Tier in BR-Ranked and Bronze 1 in CS-Ranked

MrStiven TC’s Lifetime Stats:

He has appeared in 9149  squad matches and secured 2412 wins, killing 32029 of his foes with a K/D ratio of 4.75. He has a win percentage of 26.36%.

Talking about his duo matches, he appeared in 2618 and won 485 which helped him to acquire a win percentage of 18.52%. He has grabbed 9942 kills and a K/D ratio of 4.66.

The YouTuber has also appeared in 3845 solo matches and won 454 of them; he has a win percentage of 11.80%, with 12975  kills and a K/D ratio of 3.83 approx.

MrStiven TC’s Ranked Stats:

He has played 93 squad matches in the current ranked season and grabbed victory in 15 matches equating a win percentage of 16.12%. He has eliminated his foes 445 times with a kill-to-death ratio of 5.71.

The Youtuber has participated in 10 duo matches while winning only in 2 out of them with killing 51  sustaining a winning and K/D ratio of 20% and 6.38 respectively. 

He has also appeared in 15 of the solo matches and won 3 of them keeping a win percentage of 20% with 78 eliminations sustaining a K/D ratio of 6.50.

MrStiven TC’s Total Income:

His monthly and yearly income is estimated to be between $3.9K to $62.7K and $47K to $752.3K according to Social Blade data.

MrStiven TC’s YouTube Channel:

MrStiven TC has managed his YouTube Channel and has 1256 videos. He has entertained his audience with gameplay videos of Bullet Force and it was later when started making content on the Free Fire and gained around 9.36 million subscribers and 981 million views in the past 30 days. 

Apart from that, his videos have gathered 326 million views overall in 3 years. He started uploading videos in February 2018.