Latest Mass Effect Legendary Edition Face Codes (August 2023)

Latest Mass Effect Legendary Edition Face Codes (August 2023)

Mass Effect Trilogy lets you experience the epic journey with Mass Effect Legendary Edition. It is developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts, bringing together Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3, along with over 40 DLCs, all in one immersive package. Mass Effect Legendary Edition takes the beloved trilogy and enhances it with improved graphics, technical fixes, and gameplay adjustments. The result is a stunning remastered edition that breathes new life into the series.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Face codes allow you to discover new skin tones and unique faces for your characters. While some old codes from the original games still work, the addition of new features means you’ll need the latest codes for this edition. Dive into the legendary universe of Mass Effect and make your mark on the galaxy! In this guide, we will share a list of working Mass Effect Legendary Edition Face Codes as well as an explained process of how to redeem Mass Effect Legendary Edition Face Codes.  

Active Mass Effect Legendary Edition Face Codes – August 2023

Here’s a list of Mass Effect Legendary Edition Face Codes for both men and women. Try them and have fun:

Female Shepard Face Codes

  • 7Q1.D9H.M66.F87.JDQ.96M.1D9.141.R46.44A.FG6.1CF.5
  • 7L1.1LL.HF8.T21.AC9.1HF.LKI.211.W16.1H9.AGH.T1G.A
  • 751.99G.W17.F7C.JDQ.64Q.1DA.711.S46.1LH.FG6.LJG.6
  • 8A1.1BB.PAG.D12.F1V.1EU.WWI.1GL.WE4.1CB.K65.FWF.B
  • 7T3.47J.G71.K8A.HDQ.62F.1EC.711.F16.11J.2GH.Q5G.1
  • SS1.SEU.B2C.A8Q.CBN.1GM.G59.861.RI3.DLA.F49.CCC.1
  • 743.19N.E17.I2M.EDQ.65Q.1DA.811.966.412.6G5.177
  • 7S1.8BH.HG4.K1A.7CI.5GT.HKA.711.JF8.521.2G9.11F

Male Shepard Face Codes

  • 342.KML.CIQ.G31.GMP.MBB.N7P.2RN.J84.AUM.A36.9
  • 3Q1.7AE.ENF.A85.FAS.JEI.MJD.6PG.G75.8I7.17B.9C
  • 5J2.FNH.DGW.J31.HLW.15R.W6L.6QL.1E2.1L5.E5B.9C
  • 5A2.SPK.FGW.J31.HLW.13W.U9N.6VL.N9C.1MN.85B.B4
  • 542.GG8.L7Q.P37.IGQ.IBQ.NMP.8FR.FC4.2I3.85A.9
  • SG1.HKE.87L.B8Q.C8Q.DFR.QFH.6PJ.9DC. 1C1.17A.9

How to redeem Mass Effect Legendary Edition Face Codes? 

  • Go to the Profile Reconstruction menu and paste one of the above codes in the text box. This opens up when you start your first game in Legendary Edition.

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