Kohli speaks in defense of his fellow mate JINX

Kohli speaks in defense of his fellow mate JINX

Kohli speaks in defense of his fellow mate JINX

Kohli speaks in defense of his fellow mate JINX

In the conference earlier today, Virat Kohli was asked about the strategies of India in the 1st Test against NZ in Kanpur that ended in a draw. 

Kohli was given rest in the T20I as well as in the 1st Test series, but subtly replying to the question he defended Rahane’s approach and said:

“I watched the game and I think we tried everything we could as a team. Everyone has a different way of approaching things. I probably would have been able to answer that if I was in that situation but I was not so I know that the team tried everything that they could and Jinx has always brought up great ideas to make sure that, you know, we put the opposition under pressure with strategy, with field placings and rotating the bowlers as well. A great example of that was in Australia as well when we played [there]. 

Virat Kohli tells in the conference that the Indian cricket squad is always working upon their weakness as soon as it comes to notice. Kohli added:

“Sometimes when you are not able to pull off a result you also have to give credit to the opposition for batting out 10-12 overs in the end with the last wicket. It was a very good effort from them. So we have to be realistic about the scenario, realistic about the situation. Obviously, you look to improve on things you still can and you find ways of winning  and that’s been the essence of our team regardless of who’s been in charge. I think that has become the culture of this team and we’ll continue to look to find opportunities to put our team in a winning position whenever we can and sometimes it doesn’t happen and you have to accept that.”

Kohli added by saying that he knows what everyone talks about the team and how they look at them, but there is a “very sacred thing” in the team. Kohli added:

“I know things on the outside are probably looked at from a different lens because you are not living those moments in the group, you are not living those moments on the field so no one knows what conversations happen, what kind of effort is being out in to get that effort. And it’s a very sacred thing for the team. As long as that understanding stays in the change room eventually none of the other things matter and they have never mattered to us in the team because it’s not out of ignorance or neglect.”

By Concluding his say on the team, he said:

“It’s just the understanding that we probably know more about what happened on the field than anyone else and we have to understand, we know the truth behind what happened and why those things happened and keep finding ways to improve as a side.” 

Kohli will be seen in charge of the team on 3rd December as Rohit Sharma is given a rest from the BCCI. India will lock its horns with NZ tomorrow at Wankhede Stadium, in Mumbai in the 2nd Test.