“KKR must win the final match to get recognized” predicts Gautam Gambhir

“KKR must win the final match to get recognized,” predicts Gautam Gambhir

“KKR must win the final match to get recognized,” predicts Gautam Gambhir

“KKR must win the final match to get recognized,” predicts Gautam Gambhir

The IPL 2021 has come to its final day match where the match is going to be played between CSK and KKR. Akash Chopra proudly appreciates MS Dhoni for his skillful performance in the IPL 2021 lately. According to him and Gautam Gambhir, he has played way too well than England’s skipper Eoin Morgan despite being retiring from the ODIs and T20I matches.

On the other hand, Gautam Gambhir talking about the two also says that no such comparisons can be made on any of them because of the experiences and skills they have pursued so far. They both are in different stages of their careers and that it will be unfair to compare them on their batting skills. He was seen talking about the two in the conference with ESPNcricinfo ahead of the IPL final match between CSK and KKR. Gautam Gambhir said:

“Comparing their forms is very wrong in itself because MS Dhoni has retired from international cricket and the second player is the captain of his national team. You should not compare apples with oranges. MS Dhoni hasn’t played international cricket for so long and it’s acceptable if he’s not in form or is contributing less. But on the other hand, Morgan is playing international cricket. Still, if you look at their performances, MS Dhoni has performed better than Morgan even with the bat.”

Talking about the means and ways of both the skippers Gautam Gambhir added:

“Moreover, MS Dhoni also keeps wickets and captains so there are three departments. Morgan has only two things – captaincy and batting, where one has been totally bad. So, it’s not fair to compare MS and Morgan’s form.”

Gautam Gambhir on being asked about his prediction for the final match of IPL 2021 told his view in the favour of his former franchise KKR. He not only wants KKR to win but also to come to a certain recognition like the CSK which only this final day’s winning could bring them to. 

He wants KKR to be recognized as equal to the CSK because comparatively, KKR has won only 2 final matches. 

Gautam Gambhir summarised by saying:

 “Absolutely. We always talk about Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings and their match is called El Clásico, why? Just because CSK has won the IPL thrice? KKR has also won it twice. If KKR wins this final, it will perhaps become equally successful to CSK. Then you’ll have to keep KKR on the same pedestal as CSK. When we say Mumbai Indians and CSK are the most successful sides, it’s only because CSK has won one more title than KKR. I hope KKR wins the trophy, both become equal at three trophies and KKR gets equal recognition to CSK.”

Talking about the captain cool MS dhoni already feels like the match has already been won! Both the skippers were so well till now and had played even more than that.

 The IPL 2021 final match will take place on October 15th at 7:30 pm IST.