Jonathan Owens Stands Up for His Wife Simone Biles Amid Viral Fan Controversy

Jonathan Owens Stands Up for His Wife Simone Biles Amid Viral Fan Controversy

A recent online incident involving Simone Biles has attracted widespread attention. It all began with a fan’s Twitter post accusing Biles of being impolite during a visit to the fan’s workplace. 

The fan claimed that Biles refused to take a photo with the fan’s daughter and remarked, “Absolutely not. Your daughter is 4 she doesn’t even know me.” Additionally, the fan alleged that Biles complained to the store manager about being watched while shopping.

Jonathan Owens, the husband of Simone Biles and a Green Bay Packers defensive back, saw these tweets and decided to speak up in defense of his wife. In a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), Owens stated, “Spreading lies on the internet is crazy, it’s okay for her to deny a picture. People don’t understand sometimes you just want to shop in peace, if she stops and takes one picture people will just keep following her and won’t leave us alone.”

Owens continued, “And another thing, I’ve never heard her talk to someone like that, especially to someone who asked her for a picture, like why would you try to make her look like that, she’s sweetest person in the world. I just couldn’t let this go, especially if i was there like you said i was.”

Following Owens’ response, the fan who had made the accusations chose to make her Twitter account private. Nevertheless, Owens had already taken screenshots of the exchanged messages.

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