James Pattinson to retire from the International Cricket

James Pattinson to retire from the International Cricket

James Pattinson to retire from the International Cricket

James Pattinson to retire from the International Cricket

Australian fast bowler James Pattinson has announced his retirement from International Cricket. His association with the Australian has been a roller-ride for him from being a good performer to facing injuries to bouncing back to being ruled out again. With his announcement, he won’t put in efforts to get into the ashes tournament. 

Pattison played his debut match in 2011 where he took five wickets in the two matches against New Zealand. However, his career was struck by the constant fractures in his back that led to the serious spinal surgery in 2017. However, he fought his way back in 2019 and took 81 wickets at 26.33, at the strike rate of 48.90. 

Before he announced his retirement, he was preparing for the pre-season, hoping to be part of the England series. He started playing for domestic cricket but it was delayed by the Coronavirus with both Victoria and New South unable to play at the beginning of the summer.

It was announced that two sides will play back-to-back Sheffield shield fixtures next week in Sydney. He announced his retirement after he was ruled out of the first match of the opening shield fixture. However, He will continue to play for domestic cricket. 

“Leading into pre-season I really wanted to give the Ashes a crack but in the end, I haven’t had the preparation I would have liked heading into the coming season,” Pattinson said. “If I was to be part of the Ashes I would need to do myself and my team-mates justice. I didn’t want to be in a position of battling with my body when you need to be 100 percent fit and ready to go at any time. That would not be fair to me or the team.

“It was then I felt that instead of trying to play at the very highest level, knowing I have only got three or four years of cricket left, I would focus more on Victoria, helping the young guys develop, perhaps some cricket in England and spending more time with my family.”

He was supposed to play against India but at the last moment, he fractured his ribs. The last test match he played was Jan 2020.

His decision to retire at the last moment took everyone by surprise, however, he was at peace with himself that he took the right decision at the right time.  

“Now I have made the decision I am hoping to really enjoy the last three or four years of cricket,” Pattinson said. “I have had a great time over the years and thank Cricket Australia for the opportunities, the faith they have put in me, and of course all of my teammates through the journey.

“They have instilled a lot of trust in me especially at times when I have been injured and helped me through those times. For that, I am very grateful.”

Australia’s chairman of selectors George Bailey paid tribute to a career that was limited to 21 Tests across 10 years.

“Everyone who has played with Patto has thrived on his competitive nature and the sheer pride he takes in playing for his country,” Bailey said. “James epitomises what it means to play for Australia, the sacrifices you make and the hurdles you have to overcome on the journey.

“But his record speaks for itself, he has been a wonderful player. We would have loved to have seen a lot more of him over the years.”