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“It is always an option to drop,” says Eoin morgan

England captain Eoin stated that he will drop himself from the team if England has a better chance to win the T20 world cup without him being a part of the team. This statement comes after he has had strings of matches in the T20 where he could not perform as was expected of him. Even in the IPL, he had six single-run figures in the last six matches he played for KKR. Aside from it, His highest score in the T20 has not crossed beyond 28 runs. 

His form was the cause of concern for the England cricket team. There were many voices outside raised against him regarding his performances as a batsman in the T20 format. However, Eoin is known to bounce back from the bad phase. Even in the past, there have been instances where he has recovered from the bad performance and proved all his critics wrong. 

England is known to have lots of batting depth and Eoin morgan is a middle-order batsman. This is the position that is very important and much is expected of a middle-order batsman. However, Morgan has not been able to do justice to his position with the kind of intensity that is expected of him. Since he is captain of the team, he has proved to be a good captain so far. It can be said that he is contributing more as a captain of the team rather than as a batsman of the team. 

The sooner Morgan managed to recover from his bad phase, the better it is for the team. Else there would be some troubles for the England team. However, He has reassured everyone that he will try his best to regain his health or he will opt out of the team to let someone better take his place. 

“It’s always something I’ve said – it’s always an option,” he said when asked if he would leave himself out. “I’m not going to stand in the way of a team winning the World Cup. I’ve been short of runs but my captaincy has been pretty good as it goes.

“I’ve always managed to compartmentalize both and treat them as two different challenges. Not being a bowler and being a bit older and not contributing as much in the field, I’ve loved the role of captain. You get two bites at the cherry impacting the game.

“As regards my batting I wouldn’t be standing here if I hadn’t come out of every bad run of form that I’d ever had. The nature of T20 cricket and where I bat means I always have to take quite high-risk options and I’ve come to terms with that. It’s just something you deal with, it’s the nature of the job so I’m going to continue taking those risks if the team dictates they need them, if they don’t I won’t.”

Eoin Morgan will be playing in the second warm-up match. However, he was not part of the first warm-up match since he was being rested from the first match because of his endeavor with the IPL.  

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