INDIA wins against AUSTRALIA by 8 wickets.

INDIA wins against AUSTRALIA by 8 wickets.

INDIA wins against AUSTRALIA by 8 wickets.

The 2nd set of warm-up matches has been wrapped up too. By the end of the week, the Super 12- T20 World Cup matches are going to set the foot. India won yesterday’s match against Australia by 8 wickets where captain Kohli also brushed off his hands with bowling. 

The Australians after winning the toss opted for batting and set the score of 152/5 on the board where Steve Smith was knocked out with his half-century completion in 41 balls.

This time no hattrick could be made by Aswin, yet the bowlers managed to dictate over the field through their spins.

Yet another disappointing match for Warner as he got out for LBW by Ashwin with a cheap 1 run from 7 balls.

Right after Ashwin’s LBW out Jadeja trapped the captain Aaron Finch at 8 runs; the same way!

Overall the team’s bowlers have set their foot to restrict the overs for Australia or any other team.

Meanwhile, Kohli the captain also rolled his arm to brush off his skills at bowling. 

After the hard-earned scores, 152/5 were set by Australia, INDIA showed off their opening batsman’s skills. KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma being the pair walked to the middle and batted for the country, where Rahul welcomed their very first bowler with a SIX and slowly steadily the pair earned 42 runs in the powerplay.

KL broke the code as he got out by Warner’s catch, he made 39(31) runs for India while Rohit completed his half-century with a six to Maxwell’s bowling.

Making way for Hardik Pandya, after Rohit got out with 60 runs from 41 balls. Indian was just 26 runs far from its goal with  30 balls which was undoubtedly an easy task.

The pairing of Surya and Hardik brings the match to its victory by hitting a SIX and ditches the set score of Australia by 8 wickets.

India is going to commence its T20 campaign with its arch-rivals Pakistan on 24th October.