How to Use Free Fire Redeem codes in Just 5 Steps?

How to Use Free Fire Redeem codes in Just 5 Steps?

The redeem code is only available for a period. Free Fire Players must use it before it expires. The redeem codes can bring the players numerous stuff like the costumes, characters, outfits, pets, and more, and to collect these the players are required to go to the ‘Lucky Royale’ section, or the ‘Store’ and through ‘Events’ also. 

Now the buying of the in-game costume bundles or the items needs the in-game currency- Diamonds. But many are out there who can’t buy and spend the Diamonds since they are bought with the real currency separate from the game.

5 Steps to use Free Fire latest Redeem Codes on Redemption site:

Garena Free Fire has introduced a platform for the redemption of Free Fire redeem codes i.e. Free Fire redemption site in which the site would know about some details related to the login method that’s linked with the players’ Free Fire UID. How to Use Free Fire Redeem codes in Just 5 Steps?

Here are the steps to follow on the redemption site to avail of the free reward today:

STEP 1: Players must link their Free Fire ID through settings on redemption websites and then can open the redemption site via this link.

STEP 2: After that, players need to sign in via the given options on the screen which are also appearing in the picture above.

STEP 3: Subsequently, players can paste the redeem code in the vacant field and tap on the confirm button to proceed.

STEP 4: Finally, a message will appear on the screen with the rewards name.

STEP 5: After the process, players can visit the Free Fire app’s in-game mail section to get their hands on the latest free rewards.

If the players get an error message on redemption of the Free Fire Redeem code, either the code is expired or redeemed already from your account. In that case, users can’t do anything. How to Use Free Fire Redeem codes in Just 5 Steps?

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