How to get Theme Guns at 50% discount in Free Fire

How to get Theme Guns at 50% discount in Free Fire

How to get Theme Guns at 50% discount in Free Fire

How to get Theme Guns at 50% discount in Free Fire

Free Fire features a wide range of in-game items, including bundles, emotes, gun skins, vehicles, etc.

Gun skins in Free Fire are quite influential, unlike in other battle royale games. In addition to their aesthetic value, they also increase the stats of the guns, which help players in the battleground.

There is a substantial selection of skins in the game, which the developers regularly update. These skins can directly be obtained from events and also via the Luck Royale. Another way to get them is through weapon loot crates, which can be purchased using diamonds and also randomly offer a reward when opened.

Garena is currently offering users a chance to purchase some of the gun crates at a hefty 50% discount. This article explains how users can acquire Theme Guns at a discounted price.

Garena offers a 50% discount on Free Fire Theme Gun crates

The 50% discount on the theme weapon loot crates will only be available today, i.e., May 21, 2021. Players can purchase loot crates that sell for 25 diamonds for only half their price, i.e., 12 diamonds, which is an absolute steal. There are more than 35 crates that are up for grabs.

Players can follow the steps given below to avail this special offer:

Open the in-game store

Step 1: Players must first open the store section of Garena Free Fire through the option present on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: Next, they should tap on the “Armory” button, and a list of crates will appear on the screen.

Select the desired crate and click the purchase button

Step 3: Select the desired one and click the purchase button. A dialog box will pop up, prompting users to confirm their purchase.

Step 4: Tap the yellow diamond icon to complete the purchase. These crates can then be opened from the vault section.

Note: The discount is only restricted to the Theme Box and not the Legend Box.