Hacks Garena Free Fire doesn’t support and can get your account suspended!

GARENA FREE FIRE has been played in several parts of the world including Indonesia, India, and many more. The players enjoy playing Free Fire as this game provides some amazing features and techniques to play with.

Some players in order to enhance their gameplay also spend real currency on the Diamonds because outfits major usage in the game, and apart front the in-game currency they try to use hacks that Garena Free Fire doesn’t support at all. It may also cause harm to your account and one can even get suspended. 


Free Fire has zero-tolerance against hacking and cheating, mentioned in the policy that will lead to a permanent ban of the user’s account if they are found in any type of hacking or cheating esp. the Diamond hacks. Hacks Garena Free Fire doesn’t support and can get your account suspended!

In order to get the currencies-Diamonds esp. the data and codes are already saved on the server and the only way to get the Diamonds is to buy them officially from the website. 

The players will be punished with a permanent ban when found involved in using the third party application or the modified game client perform such features that are not present, comes under cheating or hacking in Free Fire. 

Sometimes the hacks and cheating also carry some confidential information such as the ID and Password of the user, which can lead to misuse of the account or even trying to reach to personal information of the device. They sometimes also fill the users’ devices with so many ads and ask for some sort of verification. Hacks Garena Free Fire doesn’t support and can get your account suspended!

Instead of going for the harmful hacks and cheatings in order to buy or use the Diamonds, one can rely upon a few legal methods to earn in-game currencies such as Google Opinion Rewards and other GPT applications. 

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