Get the Beatz Token Exchange for getting Stars and Free Rewards:

Since the beginning of Squad Beatz has taken place the shower of events and rewards has not stopped. The event kicked off on 4th Feb and today being the peak day of the event it is releasing some more offers and rewards for the players.

As nothing comes for free the players also have to earn the Beatz Token-Ruby and Stars so that they can get their hands on the rewards. The event is basically redeeming the rewards through the collections. 

How To Get Beatz Token in Free Fire?

  1. Beatz Daily Mission:
  • Free Fire is providing Beatz Token- Ruby as after-match drops. Free Fire Players need to play Battle Royale or CS mode to get three tokens, while on playing Lone Wolf Mode, players will be awarded two tokens. Moreover, Players will get extra tokens on the last day of the event i.e. 12 February 2022.
  • Users can convert three tokens with one star and also can use Beatz Token- Ruby for playing Gem Shuffle. Afterward, players can earn stars in Gem Shuffle to get free rewards from drone supply.
  • Free Fire Players must complete the daily missions to collect the Beatz Token- Ruby which can be utilized to play Gem Shuffle. Following are the daily missions:
  1. Play 1 match with friends – 1 Beatz Token – Ruby
  2. Play for 15 minutes – 1 Beatz Token – Ruby
  3. Kill enemies five times – 1 Beatz Token – Ruby
  4. Win a match – 1 Beatz Token – Ruby.

2. Beatz Match Drop:

The game is offering several exciting rewards and the specifics to win them are as follows:

  1. After match drop in Battle Royale – 5 Beatz Tokens – Ruby
  2. After match drop in Clash Squad – 5 Beatz Tokens – Ruby
  3. After match drop in Lone Wolf – 5 Beatz Tokens – Ruby.

3. Pet Ludo:

The Pet Ludo mode has been released in-game today only at 10:00 am (IST) will be there till 21st February 2022. The specifics are as follows:

  1. Play a Pet Ludo match once – 1 Beatz Token – Ruby every match
  2. Play a Pet Ludo match thrice – 2 Beatz Tokens – Ruby every match
  3. Play a Pet Ludo match five times – 2 Beatz Tokens – Ruby every match.
  1. Other Ways:

 Also, there have been numerous missions and tasks for the players to win upon through which they can get the rewards. Missions like Play to Win and Login Event in Free Fire is one of them:

  1. Play for 30 minutes – Gold Royale Voucher and 5 Beatz Tokens – Ruby.
  2. Play for 60 minutes – Kord – Brassy Core and 5 Beatz Tokens – Ruby.
  3. Play for 90 minutes – 2 Incubator Tokens, 2 Flaming Skull Weapon Loot Crates, and 5 Beatz Tokens – Ruby.

5. Stars in Squad Beatz Event:

The game has been releasing the Drone Supply interface in the Squad Beatz Event which is providing exchange through the stars. Players can get as much as 80 stars through spending 3 Beatz Token- Ruby, also, if players want more they will have to play in the Gem Shuffle game mode. Get the Beatz Token Exchanged for getting Stars and Free Rewards.

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